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wednesday 31.05.72 SANTA MONICA california usa CIVIC AUDITORIUM

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a fireside chat with ross hannaford
ross hannaford - (australia) planet vol. 2 #25 - 4th july 1972

editorial introduction:
the following photos were seized from the apartments of peter andrew, manager of 'daddy cool'. there were trays of proof sheets and yards of negatives. we carried them around to ross 'hanna' hannaford's place, the other lead guitarist with daddy cool to see if he could identify them.
after discovering that hanna does not have a propellor screwed permanently into the top of his head, the quiet guy with a voice deeper than liv maesen began to recapture the first fine careless rapture of daddy cool's last visit to the united states.


i think that's ROCKETTE MORTON (real name: mark boston). he's with captain beefheart. we played three gigs with them at long beach (at the fox theatre on10-12 march - t.t.) - that's about fifty miles from los angeles - and then the last gig. they've got three guitarists, a bass player and a drummer..., and don van vliet, he's captain beefheart, he sometimes plays soprano sax. one thing i really dug about them was that they're very theatrical, they really put on a show.

the guy in the photo alternates from guitar to bass and he starts off the whole show. they make a point of coming on about 15 minutes late so that people get crapped off and start stamping their feet and stuff. they have all the lights out and he walks on by himself and plugs in, and he'll keep them waiting for a long time and it's all pitch black. all of a sudden the lights go on and he starts playing his bass, all the strings at once. he does this beaut dance, all over the stage for about five minutes. he looks really sharp.

captain beefheart - live picture 'santa monica, civic auditorium' concert 310572 - mark boston / rockette morton - planet 040772 - by peter andrew
MARK BOSTON rockette morton
and a bit of bill harkleroad (zoot horn rollo)
picture by peter andrew
note: the minor quality of the scan mainly is caused by the fact that the original print isn't really sharp

the band gradually comes on stage and they play together. as soon as they finish a number, a few guys just walk off and the remaining ones will play on. it was all very professional and immaculately timed.

rockette morton and zoot horn rollo (bill harkleroad) play this really nice instrumental and it's on 'lick my decals off, baby'. it's a really nice tune and it has a strange time - i can't understand the time - it's almost like some classical guitar piece, but it's just weird (and called 'peon' - t.t.).

that was a really nice suit he had on. it was sort of a floral, landscapey thing with subtle colours - yellows, light blues and brown. everytime i saw him he was wearing it.



captain beefheart - live picture 'santa monica, civic auditorium' concert 310572 - mark boston / rockette morton, art tripp / ed marimba, bill harkleroad / zoot horn rollo, roy estrada / oréjon - planet 040772 - by peter andrew

from left to right
MARK BOSTON rockette morton
ART TRIPP ed marimba
BILL HARKLEROAD zoot horn rollo
ROY ESTRADA oréjon / audi hon
picture by peter andrew

captain beefheart. the drummer (ed marimba) was fantastic; he used to be with the mothers of invention (as art tripp). he plays this really primitive style where he plays snare and high-hat at the same time. he has super heavy drum sticks and these beaut clear plastic drums. they were all plastic...: clear plastic skins and the drums were made of this clear plastic perspexy stuff. fantastic.



1. the photos also included the 'sold out' billboard shown on the review page.

2. to illustrate the amount of pictures peter andrew had taken, the magazine published six shots of numerous rows of original snaps. it's a pity that the former manager went nuts some years ago, so that there's little chance the photos will ever be developed. which in fact is a tremendous loss because it would be great if we could get genuine prints of it instead of the tiny reproductions you can hardly recognize:

captain beefheart - live pictures 'santa monica, civic auditorium' concert 310572 - planet 040772 - by peter andrew

beside the more than twenty shots (in)visible above, there have been taken at least two more pictures in the dressing room...

tiny pic 1tiny pic 2


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