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saturday 08.04.72 AMSTERDAM holland CONCERTGEBOUW
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peter de vries - algemeen handelsblad - 10 april 1972


note: don't mind the spelling error

AMSTERDAM, april 10th - With the performance last Saturday night by the American Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band in a practically sold out Amsterdam Concertgebouw one of the extremes of the contemporary pop happening got a chance. The musical course which Beefheart is following seems to be derived from the monotonous sound of the Velvet Underground and the bizarre performing art of Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. The sturdy Captain (alias Don van Vliet) Beefheart has dedicated himself to producing almost animal-like throat sounds which sometimes slightly resemble the blues.

In any case, with modest musical means blown up to tornado loudness, Saturday night there surely was being performed a spectacular act. Like a musical Dali, Beefheart walked around in a red satin costume with a black cape around his shoulders, growling and conjuring across the stage. Surrounding him were five musicians dressed up as fools of which especially ex-Mothers bassist Roy Estrada held steady the rhythmical helm.

captain beefheart - live picture 'amsterdam, holland, concertgebouw' performance 080472 - algemeen handelsblad 100472
to the left:
ELLIOT INGBER winged eel fingerling
[ART TRIPP ed marimba]
better in the picture:
MARK BOSTON rockette morton
BILL HARKLEROAD zoot horn rollo
DON VAN VLIET captain beefheart

Drummer Arthur Tripp III, equipped with a sort of fool's cap on some wild hair, banged a load of rhythmics into the hall while discharging battle screams. Casually but dignified the Captain once confided to the audience that he thinks a psychiatrist to be a person "who wants to die in someone else’s life". What about that?! Guitar player Mark Boston - with a straw hat and floral patterned satin suit - constantly circled around his Magic Captain in stealy dances, and perpetrated guitar exhibitionism.

Besides the capers with his roaring stentorian voice Beefheart devoted himself to some free jazz on his soprano sax for a while, or was it just the result of a suddenly arising outburst of anger? The audience showed a lukewarm response to the bombastic, clever fraud. But that’s no real worry for this man who called himself the "master of fake" (see additional note).


translation by Robert Cloos 1998


additional note by ben waters

Hi Theo,
In some reviews of the '72 Amsterdam gig it mentions Beefheart referring to himself as Master of Fake. I believe this must be a mishearing / misinterpreting of Mascara Snake. Let me explain:

I saw them on 290372 in Brighton, England. During Mark Boston's opening bass solo, a band member would come on, carrying a wooden fish with ridges down its back. You often see this instrument in Latin American bands. They don't usually look like fish though [or snake - teejo]. The ridges are scraped with a stick to produce a percussive effect.

note by teejo: some investigations learned me that the meant instrument, which exists in several variations, is called 'guiro' (with g pronounced as k). here's an example:


The Magic Band member would scrape the fish, and announce: "This is the Mascara Snake". Then another member would get the fish and say: "This is the Mascara Fake". Finally someone would say: "...and this is the mascara for God's sake".

So, Master of Fake = Mascara Fake, I reckon.

thanks a lot, ben (whose home page includes some beefheart stuff)!



captain beefheart - live picture 'amsterdam, holland, concertgebouw' performance 080472 - elliot ingber / winged eel fingerling, mark boston / rockette morton - by ton damman
MARK BOSTON rockette morton
to the left: elliot ingber (winged eel fingerling)

picture by TON DAMMAN
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