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tuesday 26.01.71 NEW YORK new york usa UNGANO'S
wednesday 27.01.71 NEW YORK new york usa UNGANO'S
thursday 28.01.71
NEW YORK new york usa UNGANO'S

thursday 28.01.71 NEW YORK new york usa UNGANO'S extra show



exact show unknown

ungano's, new york
bob palmer - jazz & pop - april 1971

ry cooder, with his group, and captain beefheart and the magic band, bowed to the new york press at ungano's in mid-winter. both are among the more progressive warner / reprise acts, though their use of musical traditions accounts in part for their unique sounds.

[follows review of former magic band member ry cooder...]

beefheart's magic band is a legend in its own time. their set was a bare indication of their capabilities, but it did demonstrate the free ensemble style they have developed. the band played with a crashing, rolling motion, rocking but without any heavy handed emphasis on bar lines. beefheart's incredible penetrating voice was a bit contained, but right on with a few songs and some recitation. his band is far into his conception, and together they are creating the most advanced pop music of the decade, with roots both in the blues and in the 'new jazz'.


additional note
band line-up
MARK BOSTON rockette morton guitar, bass
JOHN FRENCH drumbo drums
BILL HARKLEROAD zoot horn rollo guitar
ELLIOT INGBER winged eel fingerling guitar
ART TRIPP ed marimba marimba, drums
DON VAN VLIET captain beefheart vocals, sax, clarinet, harmonica


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