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i will spare you the details, but after a year of hopelessly suffering my quickly degenerating web host i have decided to discontinue our collaboration - and spread the word: freewebs sucks!

which means that with immediate effect captain beefheart electricity will be flashing on at the new address
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relocated tue 28 october 1969 france PARIS parc saint-cloud first continental festival 'actuel' [outdoor]
relocated tue 28 october 1969 france PARIS le de puteaux first continental festival 'actuel' [outdoor]
tue 28 october 1969 france VINCENNES pelouse de reuilly the first paris music festival 'actuel'
relocated tue 28 october 1969 belgium TOURNAI [abandoned drill-ground] the first paris music festival 'actuel'
relocated tue 28 october 1969 belgium KORTRIJK / COURTRAI hallen the first paris music festival 'actuel'
delayed tue 28 october 1969 belgium AMOUGIES mont de l'enclus / kluisberg the first paris music festival 'actuel'
wed 29 october 1969 belgium AMOUGIES mont de l'enclus / kluisberg the first paris music festival 'actuel'



i happen to know who the weird people are in this picture, taken somewhere backstage. but i'm very curious about the exact place and time - so if you can identify the guys nd think to have a clue about where and when, send me your suggestions. but be warned: you can't win anything with it, just gain some well-meant appreciation.
by the way: everyone who has the SOEPJURKEN EN TANDWIELEN article from the dutch paper DE VOLKSKRANT dated 1 december 1989 is excluded from the first half of this quiz...

captain beefheart / don van vliet and band members - who, where and when?



dear visitor, ALWAYS REMEMBER PIERRE ANTAYA! thanks to him i must confess a mistake with the mysterious photo: it turned out to be s tricky i have to give the following EXPLANATION why he must be immortal:

as i didn't take the shot myself, i had to rely on the caption to it:

as far as my ongoing research into the various crews of captain beefheart and his / the magic band is reliable, that combination of musicians has been a confirmed fact, or better: tw facts. it first existed april to end september 1970 and again february through august 1971. and compared with known photographs from those periods it is easy to recognize (from left to right) BILL HARKLEROAD aka zoot horn rollo, CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, MARK BOSTON aka rockette morton and ART TRIPP (who can't be mistaken for jeff cotton aka antennae jimmy semens, because h never wore an antennae on his upper-lip).

but look at the disguised person to the right: he has the same amount of hair JOHN 'DRUMBO' FRENCH cultivated, but unquestionably wears the same headgear as THE MASCARA SNAKE on the gatefold inner of 'trout mask replica'! now, victor hayden - as his real name is - wasn't a mere recording guest but also played with the magic band in 1969 [please, don't ask me to point out exactly where i've read that]. or had he lent his glasses and distinctive beret to john? not presumably, is it?

then there is the 'room' they are standing in: in front of a loosely suspended cloth, under a ceiling in which you can clearly recognize the folds of a kind of tent!? so now i agree with pierre that this is a REALLY UNIQUE PICTURE of the band that played the notorious AMOUGIES FESTIVAL on a chilly turnipfield in BELGIUM on tuesday (night) 28 october 1969! and also that the art tripp look-a-like in fact must be the short-lived magic drummer JEFF BURCHELL.

in case you need some more proof, i've dug up the only other known photo of that gig: the front cover of the extremely rare french single 'pachuco cadaver'. notice that don wears the same hat and jacket as on the mysterious picture, for example. just like bill harkleroad does...

zoot horn rollo / bill harkleroad, captain beefheart / don van vliet - live actuel festival, amougies, belgium 1969 - picture sleeve 'pachuco cadaver' - picture by p. gras
cover photo by p. gras

p.s. if you like, there are some memories available of the festival
don van vliet and the 'master of ceremonies' frank zappa


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