1 february 2018

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postponed [19-25].02.68 ROME italy PALAZZO DELLO SPORT
shortened [04-10].05.68 ROME italy PALAZZO DELLO SPORT
saturday 04.05.68 ROME italy PALAZZO DELLO SPORT
advanced sunday 05.05.68 ROME italy PALAZZO DELLO SPORT
cancelled 08or09.05.68 MILAN italy TEATRO LIRRICO
1 festival internazionale in europa di musica pop 1968 / first international pop festival 1968



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from paper holland 010900 het parool ('zomer ps' bijlage)
placed along a dutch review on mike barnes' biography: fred astaire in een theekopje

captain beefheart / don van vliet - live picture 'pop festival rome, italy' 040568 - het parool 010900 holland - picture by claude van heye
DON VAN VLIET captain beefheart
playing his selmer soprano sax for one of the first times

picture by claude van heye


addition: VIDEO STILLS

the only filmed footage known to exist of the pop festival appears to be the news flash from an english teevee program, broadcast soon after the happening (many of the acts came from that island). in not even two minutes we get a glance of julie driscoll arriving at the sport palace and see a tiny piece of the performance by captain beefheart. that second part was included in the bbc documentary 'the artist formerly known as captain beefheart' which is the source of the stills made by dave lang.


sat 4 may 21.00 hour palazzo dello sport
julie driscoll & the brian auger trinity (england) - hugues aufray (france) - donovan (england)
sun 5 may 18.00 hour palazzo dello sport
roboti / five up (yugoslavia) - fairport convention (england) - grapefruit (england) - the samurai (japan) - ten years after (england)
mon 6 may 21.00 hour palazzo dello sport
pink floyd (england) - the nice (england) - the move (england) - i giganti (italy) - the association (usa)
tue 7 may 21.00 hour piper club
grapefruit (england) - family (england) - the byrds (usa)


facts provided by theo tieman 1995-2008

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