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thursday 29 january 1981 RESEDA california usa COUNTRY CLUB


autumn 1980 through january 1981 captain beefheart and the magic band promoted their latest album, doc at the radar station, with a tour in europe and the states. however, as don hadn't performed live for well over a year and a half, it took a while before he found the right groove. after a terrible first week, the group came into shape (also because last-minute member richard snyder 'fell in place') and when the band returned to the usa in late november it was tight. one of the last concerts of what would turn out to be beefheart's last tour, took place on 29.01.81 in one of the many towns surrounding los angeles.


times taken from double elpee

1 HAIR PIE (bass bake) instrumental trout mask replica 1969
2 NOWADAYS A WOMAN'S GOTTA HIT A MAN 3:40 clear spot 1972
3 I WANNA FIND A WOMAN THAT'LL HOLD MY BIG TOE TILL I HAVE TO GO 1:57 lick my decals off, baby 1970
4 HOT HEAD 3:45 doc at the radar station 1980
5 ASHTRAY HEART 3:17 doc at the radar station 1980
6 DIRTY BLUE GENE 3:52 doc at the radar station 1980
7 THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE BLUES (OR THE BIG DIG) 2:07 lick my decals off, baby 1970
8 SUE EGYPT 1:44 doc at the radar station 1980
9 BEST BATCH YET 4:55 doc at the radar station 1980
10 SAFE AS MILK 3:44 strictly personal 1968
11 ONE RED ROSE THAT I MEAN 2:33 instrumental lick my decals off, baby 1970
12 CHINA PIG 5:26 trout mask replica 1969
13 HAIR PIE (band bake) 3:23 instrumental trout mask replica 1969
14 DOCTOR DARK 2:39 lick my decals off, baby 1970
15 BAT CHAIN PULLER 5:36 shiny beast (bat chain puller) 1978
16 MY HUMAN GETS ME BLUES 2:41 trout mask replica 1969
17 SUGAR 'N' SPIKES 2:26 trout mask replica 1969
18 SHERIFF OF HONG KONG 6:43 doc at the radar station 1980
19 KANDY KORN 4:38 strictly personal 1968
20 VETERAN'S DAY POPPY 4:22 trout mask replica 1969
21 BIG EYED BEANS FROM VENUS 5:21 clear spot 1972

the BAND
JEFF MORIS TEPPER jeff tapir / white jew * guitar * slide guitar
RICHARD SNYDER midnight hatsize * guitar * slide guitar * bass guitar
ERIC DREW FELDMAN black jew kittaboo * bass guitar * keyboards * synthesizer ** mandolin
ROBERT WILLIAMS wait for me * drums * percussion
DON VAN VLIET captain beefheart * vocals * tenor sax * soprano sax * harmonica
guest GARY LUCAS ** national steel dualion
guest DENNY WALLEY feeler's reedo / walla walla ** guitar

bootleg 2elpee BEST BATCH YET

usa 198?
god's golfball records don 12981 non-gatefold

record 1: tracks 2-8 + 9-13 time 20:22 + 20:01
record 2, side 1: tracks 14-18
time 20:05

record 2, side 2: tracks 19-21
[plus two bonus tracks] time 22:24

captain beefheart - bootlegs - best batch yet - front cover double lp


the BONUS tracks are official, but quite unknown releases. first there is captain beefheart's 1978 vocal guest appearance on the vinyl version of the title track of the 'blue collar' movie, hard workin' man. the other additional track is the instrumental light reflected off the oceands of the moon which is an outtake from the 1982 album ice cream for crow.


usa? 1999 [label and unknown]
[tracks unknown]


burnleg? ceedee BEST BATCH YET (with bonus track)
usa 2003 [label and unknown] limited edition
[tracks unknown]

of course it's no surprise that the double elpee - or an existing tape of the show - has been transformed into burnlegs. further details about the exact content unknown.

[updated 120903]

burnleg ceedee LIVE IN RESEDA 1981
germany 1999 stink foot disc sfd cd 008 limited edition 100 copies
tracks 1-7, 9-11, 14-21 - time 72:24

captain beefheart - bootlegs - live in reseda 1981 - front burnleg
the black and white front (reproduction?)



bootleg ceedee HOBOISM
usa 2000 pontiac [no cat. no.] promo not for sale
tracks 10, 12, 18-21

a selection of songs from the concert was re-released on the hoboism 'promo', including the guest appearance on 'china pig' by an old chap don had spotted in the audience. that person was denny walley, member of the magic band from 1975-78, with whom he had often performed that piece on stage. because it was quite a time ago beefheart had sung it, he doesn't remember the exact order of lyrics, so this rendition is improvised - also by adding some harmonica play.


bootleg ceedee RAILROADISM live in the usa 72-81
england 2003 viper cd 015
tracks 5-7, 11, 20-21

another selection appeared on the random collection of live tracks gathered on railroadism.


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