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sat 10 april 1965 usa HOLLYWOOD ca PALLADIUM battle of the bands playoffs


unknown publication - early april 1965 usa
reproduced in outasite #4 - late 2002 [no specific date given] usa

captain beefheart concert - hollywood, usa, palladium 10 april 1965 'vox battle of the bands' announcement

* the festival lasted eight days....
* it billed 97 acts plus a 'special judging of junior bands'
* a bottom note reveals that it was part of a series of 'competitions':
'program for the bay area's battle of the bands [...] was not available at press time.'
* considering the size of this happening, this program must be the
legendary, but equally mysterious fourth annual teenage fair....
* publications which mention a legendary, but equally mysterious
1965 battle of the claremont / pomona college bands concert
must have been on a similar wrong track (speaking afterwards)


unknown publication - mid april 1965 usa
reproduced in outasite #4 - late 2002 [no specific date given] usa

captain beefheart concert - hollywood, usa, palladium 10 april 1965 'vox battle of the bands' picture

from left to right
jerry handley
doug moon
vic mortensen

don van vliet (later: captain beefheart)
alex snouffer captain beefheart (later: alex st. claire)

* original source unknown, but the fold in it reveals us it's a paper
* yes, the festival was sponsored by vox electronic equipments
* this picture has been published earlier, in the anthology 'the dust blows forward';
but it was editorially manipulated and incomplete -
so it looses the battle against this better version....


DON VAN VLIET - 'the great gnome biography' ±summer 1967 usa

at that time we were playing rhythm and blues stuff, very raw, bluesy material, plus some 'rolling stones' hits. we were only playing other people's contemporary hits because we had no time to learn new songs. our career had taken off at a pretty rapid pace and i don't think we were completely prepared.

/ means: next battle or part of the program

fri april 9
the unknows - the bountys - leon & the leisures / the inmates - del pierce marvels
sat april 10
dave & customs (captain beefheart's opponent) / limey & the yanks - the piranhas - the beethovens / the primadons - the chadallacs - the aldermen / the concords - the secrets - the grandeurs / the new techniques - the overtones
sun april 11
'special judging of junior bands' / the madisons - the aristocrats / lad teens / the unknows / the l.a. mystics / the barons - the gentry v - the precisions / the v.i.p.'s - the tangents - the galaxies - the outsiders
mon april 12
black & blues - the paragons / ah! those rogues / the crests / the victors - ya ya whisk - the railers / the rogues - the beatones - the co-gents / the renegades - the twiliters
tue april 13
the mysteries - the scoundrels - the nomads / the eliminators - the royalties / the rumors / the intruders / the revel-aires / the proteens - the piermen / the dynamics / the inmates - the del rays - the fireballs
wed april 14
the baimen six - the enchantments / the velveteens - the rumors - the eliminators / the tanagers - jack & the tremblers - the periscopes / the keynotes - terry & the pirates - the gentry v / the san fernando mystics - the fireballs - the cressmen
thu april 15
the fairviews / the amboys / dave & the customs - de villes / madness - inc. - the racket squad / the maltesmen / the psy-kicks - the excels / the fendermen - the dynamics - the endeavors
fri april 16
bob & the barons - the vel-tones / mark 4 - the escorts / the dantes - the dynasty / the cajens - young breed / the racket squad - gil martin & the thrillers

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