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uncut's guide to the month's best music - august 1999
electricity (live cannes 1968) from grow fins

captain beefheart - discography - various artists compilation - unconditionally guaranteed vol. 7 (uncut's guide to the month's best music)

while the 'grow fins' box set still is under exploration by most listeners, a first compilation with a track from it already has been released. and although it's frée, only to obtain in a complicated way. for it is an additional item to the 010899 english magazine 'uncut'. that glossy monthly about music and movies brings out the ceedee under the title... 'unconditionally guaranteed', which in connection with captain beefheart usually is a warning nót to get it.

but fortunately volume 7 of 'uncut's guide to the month's best music' doesn't contain a 1974 beefheart failure between other middle of the road music. in the random mixture of (re-)releases from several decades and in all sorts of styles the captain is present with ELECTRICITY as performed live in cannes in 1968, amid songs by the mothers of invention (1968 'who needs the peace corp?'), the birthday party (featuring nick cave, 1981), beck (cover of 1973's 'sin city'), and marianne faithfull (recent album), to mention some.

the front and the notes of this bonus ceedee are just plain text with the necessary data - although the disc itself was allowed a simple 'postmark' on-print. no, to know more about the tracks we need to open the magazine itself. and yes, beneath a 32 x 50 milli(!)meter big picture of the 1967 'magic band on chairs' there is a wealth of four short sentences, half of which text is historically wrong but has a nice punch: 'a&m's jerry moss, meanwhile, declared 'safe as milk' unfit for his daughter to listen to at first hearing. after this burn-up, beefheart had no place left to go but off the map with 'trout mask replica'.

which is all. i mean, no feature or review along it! for: 'the boxset will be reviewed in the next issue'. no, thanks! - i mean, a photocopy of that will do.... [tip: if by chance you don't need the paper part of this item, think about giving it to a zappa fan instead of the trashman. for the mentioned track by the mothers of invention is an illustration to a two-page 'classic albums revisited' special on 'we're only in it for the money', one full page with a zappa story and a pic, and a loose picture of him.]

the other acts:
loudon wainwright iii - peter bruntnell - red house painters - the box tops - beck & emmylou harris - marc bolan & t-rex - kristin hersh - townes van zandt - marianne faithfull - fifth dimension - grandaddy - suicide - mick ronson - the auteurs - luscious jackson -frank zappa & the mothers of invention - the birthday party - snakefarm


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18 prime selections from the month's best music
harry irene from bootleg dust sucker

captain beefheart - discography - various artists compilations - england 2000 magazine uncut #60 'totally wired'

as terrible as the ozits are at producing semi-official crap, so good are they at marketing: present a burnleg as an authorized release with a distinguished appearance and on an artistic picture plate, send out sensational promotional texts, post the prepared cheering reviews to the e-shops as soon as the record is out, and you'll see how easy it is to get a hysteria started. even the staff of an english music - and film - magazine was charmed by the money suckers. so the bonus to their may issue ('for sale from 6 april on')  with 'the month's best music' contained HARRY IRENE from the notorious 'dust sucker' bootleg.

but don't get confused: that publication doesn't have a review about the bootleg. as usual, 'the month's best music' is that of april (as the catalog number confirms) but for reasons of deadlines you'll have to read the june issue before you can have an other laugh. a positive point, however, is that people who haven't decided nót to buy the 'bat chain sucker' can listen to a reference track to know enough!

the other acts:
dexys midnight runners - dan bern - rosie thomas - stan ridgway - monica queen - pony club - the streets - butch hancock - boards of canada - desert hearts - shane macgowan's popes - josef k - grant-lee phillips - pete yorn - ludus - british sea power - dean martin


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