1 february 2018

i will spare you the details, but after a year of hopelessly suffering my quickly degenerating web host i have decided to discontinue our collaboration - and spread the word: freewebs sucks!

which means that with immediate effect captain beefheart electricity will be flashing on at the new address
see you there, you're welcome...

captain beefheart electricity

discography - official releases


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-------------------- SINGLES

captain beefheart - promo single 'upon the my-o-my / i got love on my mind' usa

captain beefheart - advance copy 'upon the my-o-my / magic be' single england

captain beefheart - picture sleeve 'upon the my-o-my / magic be' single germany

-------------------- CDS

captain beefheart - unconditionally guaranteed - front cd uk (first release)

captain beefheart - unconditionally guaranteed - front remastered cd uk
remastered ceedee has new colors....

-------------------- ALSO

captain beefheart - unconditionally guaranteed - center of front cover
central detail of the front

-------------------- compilations

captain beefheart - unconditionally guaranteed - full page ad uk paper 'sounds'
an a3 sized advertisement from uk paper


list by theo tieman 1995-2012

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captain beefheart electricity
as felt by teejo