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SCIENTISTS australia


australia 1983 single WE HAD LOVE / CLEAR SPOT augogo anda 29
australia 1985 elpee HEADING FOR A TRAUMA augogo anda 39 (also part of:
australia 1985 'mixed set' LIMITED EDITION PACK augogo / phantom phanda 1)
england 1988 lp/cd various artists * FAST 'N' BULBOUS separate page in preparation
australia 2000 ceedee BLOOD RED RIVER 1982-1984 citadel citcd 5432

captain beefheart - cover versions - scientists (australia) - single 'we had love / clear spot' (1983)
the single
during the first half of the eightties this band played a mean kind of rock, but as usually happens, recognition and albums only came when it was over. for instance, in 1985 an elpee and a limited edition promo pack were released with their vision on CLEAR SPOT - from the album clear spot, of course - but then they already were the 'beasts of bourbon' for a year. and five years after the original release as a b-side in 1983, the track was selected for the various artists tribute 'fast 'n' bulbous'.

captain beefheart - cover versions - scientists (australia) - lp 'heading for a trauma' (1985)
the elpee

since that last release a lot has changed, notably the invention of the ceedee. so, in this next century, it's no surprise there has been brought out a remastered version of their raw but clear interpretation. and don't worry: if you're interested in finding this australian item but can't, you simply can order it directly at: * citadel records * mailorder service * post box 316 * darlinghurst * nsw 2010 * australia * phone and fax +61 293 584 111 * e-mail

p.s. the ceedee release shouldn't be confused with the 12" vinyl version with the same title, as the eepee doesn't have the faintest trace of clear spot!

captain beefheart - cover versions - scientists (australia) - cd 'blood red river 1982-1984' (2000)
the ceedee


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