1 february 2018

i will spare you the details, but after a year of hopelessly suffering my quickly degenerating web host i have decided to discontinue our collaboration - and spread the word: freewebs sucks!

which means that with immediate effect captain beefheart electricity will be flashing on at the new address
see you there, you're welcome...

captain beefheart electricity

cover versions


MAGAZINE england


england 1978 single GIVE ME EVERYTHING virgin vs 237
england 1982 elpee AFTER THE FACT virgin [ unknown]
usa 1982 elpee AFTER THE FACT a&m [ unknown]
germany 198? ceedee AFTER THE FACT virgin 802 518
usa 1989 ceedee AFTER THE FACT a&m cd 70030
canada 1991 ceedee SCREE rarities 1978-1981 virgin cdovd 312
usa 1991 ceedee SCREE rarities 1978-1981 caroline [ unknown]
england 2000 3ceedee MAYBE IT'S RIGHT TO BE NERVOUS NOW virgin magbox 1

sleeve with 'the cactus man' by odile redon

although howard devoto was a founding member of the 'buzzcocks' in 1976, the singer only stayed in that punk band from manchester for a year. for then, declaring that 'punk is dead', he started a new wave group with a middle-of-the road name: magazine. one of the first things he did was to record a single, which was backed with a song he had played with his púnky mates too: I LOVE YOU, YOU BIG DUMMY from lick my decals off, baby. because this second dealing with the track rather is flat than really interesting, it never made its way to any elpee they brought out.

although, the cover version got included on a few samplers the record company wanted to release after the group had fallen apart in 1981 (like magazines do)! the vinyl releases might be hard to find, but the digital versions haven't been sold out completely. especially the most recent one from 2000, i predict. for its total ceedee size causes the price to be three times higher than usual, too...

by the way: don van vliet once said that this performance of the song is 'horrible'. despite the predictable nature of the remark - beefheart could only stand his own music - i agree with him.


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captain beefheart electricity
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