Collecting Military Binoculars


Collecting military binoculars, why??




Why is someone collecting things? After 30 years I still don't know exactly. What I do know, though, is that I have always felt an affinity with fine mechanical apparatus and instruments, and with optical devices. Within these fields of interest I have collected typewriters, I collect Compasses and a few years ago, started to collect binoculars.  I greatly enjoy the search for additional items, and when I acquired one, can feel a profound pride of ownership.

And finally: The further I travel the road named "Collecting", the greater my need to deepen my knowledge, to learn more, to understand better. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this binocular site.

My growing collection binoculars is subdivided into the countries above, starting with the military binoculars and possibly followed bij  civilian ones.


Ted Brink



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15-01-2016 Five draw gilded spyglass (pocket telescope) 1820

17-01-2016 Telescope Scout Regiment Mk2 s  22x 1944 +  Dutch Telescope Scout Regiment Mk2 s  22x  1940

17-03-2016  6 x Optistar ABC 1920 + 6 x 24 "Sportur" Carl Zeiss  Jena 1940

23-03-2016  18th century Italian telescope

17-04-2016  8 x 20 BC "Trinovid" Leica + 10 x 22 C "Trinovid" Leitz

28-12-2016  Leitz ( BEH) 7 x 50 Kriegsmarine binocular 1943  + Steiner 8 x 30

09-01-2017  Davon Fieldmicroscope/ Telescope 1912 F.Davidson & Co London

29-05-2017  8 x 40 "Stereor"Paris