6th Annual Tecumseh Baseball Spring Training

"Practice doesn't make perfect ... PERFECT practice makes perfect!"

Thanks for your interest in the 2013 camp!

Tecumseh Baseball Spring Training was started 6 years ago by several Tecumseh Minor Baseball Association alumni.  The camp is designed to give players a firm grasp of the basics of baseball (i.e. infield and outfield defense, hitting, baserunning, and for those of the appropriate age an introduction to pitching) before the season gets underway.  The camp is strictly volunteer on our behalf, as all of the proceeds are donated back to the Tecumseh Minor Baseball Association or to the Windsor Lancer Baseball Club.

As the instructors of the camp are donating their time, the number of instructors on a given day is variable.  The average number of coaches would be roughly 15 for a group of 40 players.  These coaches are friends of the camp organizers who for the most part have played baseball at a high level.  We are simply looking to give back to the organization and game that have given us so much enjoyment.

The camp dates this year are May 3, 4, and 5.  We offer two-three hours of instruction each day at the times listed (see: Camp Information). The camp headquarters is Carling Park.  Each year, however, we try to arrange for one day of the camp to be held at Lacasse Park.  As former Tecumseh Thunder players, we know how nice it is to play on that diamond and how much of a thrill it would have been as youngsters to play on such a professional field.  Depending on availability, we will try our best to continue that tradition this year.  This day is also not set at this time.  Finally, the last day of camp involves the popular MLB Pitch Hit and Run contest where players compete to advance to a sectional competition. Throughout the camp, please continue to check this website for updates - particularly in the case of inclement weather

The feedback we have received on the camp the last four years has been extremely positive, and we are constantly looking to improve with new equipment and coaching methods.  Parents have enjoyed seeing young adults (the majority of coaches are 23 and younger) who their children can look up to as role models in not only baseball but in life as well.  The camp's focus, as stated earlier, is to teach the fundamentals in a fun and laid back atmosphere.

Again we thank you for your interest in the camp, and if you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Yours in baseball,

Tecumseh Baseball Spring Training Organizers

Please contact us with any questions!

Jeremy Nixon: nixonj@uwindsor.ca (519-819-4686)

Colin Mascaro: colinmascaro@gmail.com (519-871-5638)

To view the online version of the camp's flyer, click here: Tecumseh Spring Training 2013 Flyer.pdf

This camp has been made possible by volunteers within the Tecumseh Minor Baseball Association community.  Feel free to visit the new TMBA website at http://www.tmba.ca!