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This page contains download links to my homebrew. Hope you like them!  If you have any questions, suggestions, or something that is something like a question or a suggestion, you can contact me at:

I am currently working on...

I am currently working on the following projects:

Err... pretty much nothing. My dev toolchain for PALib has been broken for a long time on my laptop, and since my desktop died, I lost all progress I once had on DSe Notepad, so if I ever manage to find the time somewhere... I will release that thing. Too bad high school and a job messes with that just a smidge.  I hate not finishing things.


DS-DS File Transfer - Another app idea by yours truly.  This project is on its way.  Have no idea when this might be done/released.  Very complicated coding on this one.

DSe Notepad 0.99b - a notepad app originated by Enira.  Being remade by yours truly.  Adding FAT open/save, INI configuration file support, and color schemes.  All that's left is the FAT open and options page.  Pre-release released and expect a full release in less than a week!  Almost finished, just a few more little tweaks...  The options page may not be implemented, who knows. 

TempConvert - An app idea by yours truly.  This is a simple app that converts between any of the three units for temperature; inspired by the fact that Fahrenheit is starting to be phased out in the US, and most people don't know Celsius or Kelvin, the two SI units for temperature.  Just starting to hammer out the graphics, so hang on.

DSFart 0.8 - This release will include a locator for the data folder and a sweet background for the top screen while in the main portion of the app.

Here is an update for anyone who thinks that I have totally died... school has finally begun to cooperate with my schedule a little bit, and after February (gosh, that was a long time ago... I really have to get better about updating this site.) is over with, I truly believe that I will return to the scene, so to speak.  DSe Notepad is obviously my first priority, but I hope to at least finish it.  There must be some way I can dig out an older source and start again, doing it over better this time... :D  I'm rather certain that I can do it; eventually, that is.  -TD9175

Bonne Tanks In The Woods (BTITW 0.1)

This is a simple "Press A to play" player. It plays Bonne Tanks in the Woods, downloadable in the My Fave Music page.

Sorry about the size; full audio file eats up space.

Download here. (5.3 MB)

DSe Notepad Early Release!

I have decided to release my DSe Notepad with _some_ FAT support.  The options page is not included, the sprite does nothing.  FAT save works with a path definable in the INI file.  The only 2 things I have to get working before a complete release are the options page and the FAT open.  They are coming along, but I am coming up short on coding time right now.  The current version is v.0.99; I was lazy, the about screen in the app says 1.0.  I hope this project can be revived to some extent.  P.S.: I made the end of October release date, sort of...
EDIT: Someone whacked me with a retard stick; forgot to include the .INI file... You need to put this in a "/DSENOTEPAD/CONFIG/" folder on the root of your card.
EDIT 2: Added a .BMP for download explaining how to utilize the TD_Graffitis.  Fixed a BG bug in the Green About screen.
Download from Skydrive: DSe Notepad (417.1 KB)
Download from Skydrive: DSECONFIG.ini (1.1 KB)
Download from Skydrive: TD_Graffitis.bmp (.8 MB)

DSFart 0.1 Beta

This version is the first release of DSFart, my first project.

Download here. (199.6 KB)

DSFart 0.1b Beta

This is the second release of DSFart. Splash screen added.

Download here. (214.4 KB)

DSFart 0.2

This is the third release of DSFart. Fart added.

Download here. (249.5 KB)

DSFart 0.3

This is the fourth release of DSFart. Fart loop system improved.

Download here. (250.2 KB)

DSFart 0.4

This is the fifth release of DSFart.  Infinite fart loop system is now working with the poweroff function.

Download here. (252.3 KB)

DSFart 0.5

This is the sixth release of DSFart. Touch screen GUI interface added.  Timed poweroff added.  TD_Splash added.

Download here. (276.1 KB)

DSFart 0.6 Classic and FAT

This is the seventh and eighth release of DSFart combined.  I have decided to split into two versions, FAT and Classic.  Classic requires no DLDI, and FAT requires other instructions defined in the readme.  Added PA_WindowFades and split between Classic and FAT.
Download Classic Version here.
Download FAT Version here.

DSFart 0.7

The ninth release of DSFart.  Singled to FAT version only, due to the adding of the custom .NDS booting capabilities.  More information in the readme.  You need to patch the binary with DLDI and extract the to the root of your device.  Added functions include:
-User-defined farts, up to 20
-A 5 fart button
-Custom .NDS booting
-A second page of the GUI to put all of this (switch back and forth using L and R)
More details inside the readme.
Download here. (298.0 KB)

MonsterCatDS Beta 0.1

This is a picture scrolling demo I made of a pic of my cat.

Download here. (280.4 KB)

SpeedTester 0.1

SpeedTester is an app I made that tests your Internet->Router->DS link speed.  See the readme for more info.

Download No WiFi Demo - 227.2 KB

Download WiFi Demo - 244.1 KB

Download Both Versions - 471.5 KB


This is a timed power down app I made.  A to power down in five seconds.

Download here. (210.3 KB)