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stratos diamantis

Born in Athens-Greece. 

From the age of 10 was already learning the piano. In his teenage years he started composing his own music and playing in concerts with local rock bands, accompanied with lessons in classical music where he graduated with an A in harmony, counterpoint, fugue and orchestration.

His love for jazz music leads him to Marcos Alexiou, a Legendary Greek Jazz pianist and teacher, where he started jazz lessons.

At the age of 18 Stratos self produced and released a new age-experimental CD. This was his first contact with discography. Two years later he produced and played in his teacher and friend’s Marcos Alexiou CD, entitled “Flying to the Unknown” which was released by Warner.

From that day his name appears on more than 50 records as a composer, arranger, producer and session musician in many styles, varying from rock to pop,  jazz to new age, alsoall this integrated into composing music for theatrical plays, TV documentaries and TV-Radio commercials. 

Having also made personal appearances at more than 100 concerts in Greece and Europe.

He performed with a lot of local jazz groups and he played in 3 CD’s of his brother’s fusion group “CONFUSION”.

In 2004, he formed his first fusion group called “TECHNICAL INFO”. His brother Achilleas Diamantis (guitarist of CONFUSION), Takis Intas (drummer of CONFUSION) and Panagiotis Haramis (bassist of CONFUSION) joined the band and in 2007 they recorded their debut album titled “Danger”.

achilleas diamantis

Born in Athens, Greece.

At the age of 13 yrs, he started classical guitar lessons for two years, after realising he didn't like it so much, he purchased his first electric guitar at the age of 16.

Gradually playing with local rock, blues bands, T.B.D and ALTER EGO, then moving professionally as a session guitar player for famous Greek artists.

Not content on this he wanted to create his own music, but first finished his studies as a sound engineer, from there he had to do 2 years of Military Service. Once finished he decided to move to Los  Angeles to study at M.I  in California, to expand and learn about Jazz and Fusion music and was taught by greats such as Scott Henderson, Sid Jacobs ,Joe Diorio, Don Mock, Carl Verheyen.

Returning to Athens he recorded music with his Rock band EN PSIXRO (In cold blood), made guest appearances for several jazz artists such as Marcos Alexiou, a Great Jazz pianist. His album Titled "Flying to the unknown".

Shortly after this he started CONFUSION.

Confusion has now released three albums:

Achilleas Diamantis - Confusion ,1999
Confusion - Genesis , 2001
Confusion -  Enter Alone , 2003

In 2004 he joined "TECHNICAL INFO".

panagiotis haramis

Born in Athens, Greece.

His first contact with music was at the age of 10, when he was fooling around with a guitar and a keyboard his father had bought for him, but it was at the age of 13 when he took the music more serious and he started to take lessons at a music school.

The funny thing was that he couldn’t decide what instrument he wanted to play. His music’s school director convinced him to pick up the bass because there was no other student at the music school learning bass.

So Panagiotis said “OK. I’ll do it”.

From 1990 to 1996 he took lessons with a well known guitarist in Greece, but he wanted more, so he decided to start piano lessons with the same teacher for two more years.

He started to play bass with local bands at the age of 14.

In 1995 he met Takis Intas which turned to be his best friend in life and music.

From 1997 to 2000 he became a member of a big orchestra, performing ANDREW’S LLOYD WEBBER music (Jesus Christ Superstar-1997, Song & Dance-1998, Showtime- 1999, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat-2000).

In 1998 he finally met another great person, friend and musician… Achilleas Diamantis.

Achilleas, Takis and Panagiotis finally got together and started making music. The name of the band is CONFUSION and until now they have released three CD’s, CONFUSION, GENESIS and ENTER ALONE.

In 2002 he records the FULL MONTY musical, which was in a performance on a theatre in Athens with great success.

In 2003 he records HENRY MANCHINI’S VICTOR VICTORIA musical, which was also performed on a theatre in Athens.

In 2004 he joined "TECHNICAL INFO".

takis intas

Born in Athens, Greece.

At the age of 15 he started playing the drums. He performed with many local Rock, blues and Funky bands.

His love for jazz music led him to Agostini School in Paris where he studied Jazz and Latin drums from 1990 to 1993.

Ever since he came back to Greece he has joined a classical band where he plays percussion until today.

In 1999 he joined CONFUSION, and has remained in the band until presently. He has recorded two albums with them.

In 2004 he joined "TECHNICAL INFO".