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Disclaimer: I do not own Team Galaxy or any of the characters involved, so please don't sue.  

**This fic will be rewritten soon**


Chapter One: 


"Hello everyone. Sorry for the interruptions. I have an announcement. We have a new student arriving at Galaxy High in three hours. I want everyone to make her feel like she's at home. She's from Halifax Nova Scotia, so she's a long way from home. Everyone have a great day and see you in a few hours, over and out." Prinicpal Kirkpatrick said with his usual tone.


"Oh boy! A new chick! I wonder if she's hot! Hehe." Josh Kirkaptrick said mischieviously as he rubbed his hands together. Yoko, who was one of his team mates glared at him, with a look that said 'Don't you dare say that again, or else I will kick your ass!' Josh quickly lost that smile on his face and became very quiet. Everyone started to laugh, except for Josh who was pouting like a little child.


Everyone started laughing even harder. Mr.S was having a very hard time trying to calm the class down, which of course he was failing miserably, after 15 minutes have passed, he finally gave up and sat at his desk while he waited for the bell to ring for lunch.


When the bell rang, Josh, Yoko, Brett and their ultra-pet Fluffy went outside to get some fresh air, and sat down at the fruit-stand, and ordered a fruit-salad with fruit punch to drink, they were talking about the new girl.


"Hey guys! What are you talking about?" Spavid asked as he sat down with his teammates at the fruit-stand as well, and joined in on the conversation as well.


It would be another hour before the new girl would be there. So they didn't have any afternoon classes because they wanted to make her feel like she was at home.





"ugh!!!"Kayliyah Downey said while rubbing her nose with such force that it started to feel raw. "Jeez! I think someone is talking about me! My nose is so itchy I'm probably going to cut it off!!!"


"Oh knock it off Kay!" Erin Banks said while trying to surpress her laughter at Kayliyah, who was still rubbing her nose. Erin finally couldn't stand it and started to laugh her head off, Kayliyah stopped rubbing her nose and gave her friends a death glare, they stopped laughing, but they were smiling like they had a plan forming in their minds.


"Now what?" Kayliyah asked as she looked at her friends with an evil look that just made her friends laugh even harder. Just then Samuel spoke up, with his voice that made everyone smile. He sounded like Kermit the Frog when he talked. It was so hillarious.


"Kayliyah, dear girl don't worry! We'll make sure that everyone treats you with respect...Hehe."


Kayliyah just looked at the 18 year old, she knew all to well what Samuel, and his twin brother Jeff would do to her new classmates at Galaxy High and she wasn't happy.


"Uhh...guys no! Your are not pulling that 'I see dead people' gig again, the last time you scared my parents and other people at the school." Kayliyah said with a grin, as she recalled what happened at the parent teacher interview at Lakeview Elementary School. The two boys decided to pull a huge prank on the students and staff at the school, she giggled at the thought.


'I really am going to miss them.' She thought as a tear rolled down her face, she wuickly looked out of the van window, as she remembered the good times with her friends and family.


"Oh Kayliyah don't cry! You'll be fine!"Amanda, Kayliyah's mother said as she saw her daughter crying in her mirror, her Father, sister and younger brother agreed as well. Everything went silent as she looked out the window again for about five minutes then decided to break the silence.


"Mom, Dad. How long until we get to Galaxy High?"


"In about 20 minutes." Her father replied looking at his daughter with sadness evident in his voice.


~15 minutes later~

Just driving down the highway they finally see a huge building with other many building, surrounded by a fence came into their view, as they got closer, the 'Oos' and 'Awws' started to fly out.


"This place is so big!" Erin said with her eyes wide. and her mouth open. Kayliyah giggled and told her friend that if she kept her mouth opened she might swallow a fly, so Erin closed it.





"So...Dad...What vehicle are they arriving in?" Josh asked, trying to act patient but everyone knew that he wasn't at all. Yoko walked up to him and smacked him upside the head, with her hand.


Everyone started to laugh again, but quickly shut up as Principal K. spoke up to answer Josh's question.


"She's supposed to be arriving in a Red Lumina Van."


"Oh okay. I think she's late..."Brett said while looking at his watch, but just as he looked up from his watch he saw a red van pulling into the school grounds. "She's here! She's Here!"he exclaimed and ran over to where the van was parked.


Everyone followed him but walked in a military fashion.


~Fast-Forward ten minutes~


After All Kayliyah's luggage was pulled out of the van, Principal Kirkpatrick stepped forward with his arms wide open like he was ready to give a hug to someone.


"Welcome to Galaxy High Kayliyah, I'm the Principal of this school, and I hope that you'll find this school very exciting and challenging as well." Principal Kirkpatrick said with a gentle voice. while shaking Kayliyah's hand and her father's hand as well.


Out of the corner of Kayliyah's eye she could see Samuel and Jeff talking and looking at the students with an evil look on their faces, Kayliyah gave the boys a death glare and they quickly smartened up a little bit, but Kayliyah still didn't feel comfortable with them. For she knew them all to well.


"Kayliyah, your team mates will be Andi, Ryan and Spavid okay?"Kirkpatrick said to Kayliyah as he looked at her and her other teammies and she nodded her head with no disagreement whatsoever.


As an hour went past, Kayliyah's friends and family was ready to leave as she let the tears roll down her face, she gave her family a bear-crushing hug, the she walked over to her friends they gathered in a group hug, and talked quietly among themselves. They pulled from the hug and walked toward the van as Kayliyah walked over to her team mates.


"You know Kayliyah, you will forever and always be our friend, and don't you forget that." Kasey said her voice breaking, and with that they left.


~ All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them. 

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