11/26/2013 - You can now find a complete collection of episodes in the 'Full Episodes' section. These will link you to the episodes hosted on our official YouTube channel. Enjoy :)

01/07/13 - A bit late, but hope you all had a happy New Year and a wonderful holiday season. My sincerest apologies for the site being down for the past few months, it was mostly due to problems with the Webs service, and should hopefully not happen again. This site will continue to operate as usual and will hopefully have some very good updates in the near future. Thank you for your continued support, and we hope to see you all back on the site real soon :)

03/13/12 - We have finally finished uploading both Seasons 1 & 2 to our official YouTube channel:                  Episodes should be fully available back on this site hopefully within 2-3 weeks just as soon as we sort everything out. Thank you for your continued patronage, and we apologize if this issue has caused any inconvenience. 

01/23/12 - All episode downloads are currently unavailable due to our hosting service, MegaUpload, being shut down. Episodes will be unavailable until we can find a suitable hosting service to facilitate for such a vast amount of data. On a side note, a total of 5,300 episodes have been downloaded thus far (this count was taken on 01/10/12). Thank you all for your support, and expect to see continued site updates in the future.

10/04/11 - We are currently preparing to set up a Team Galaxy Fan Club store, for purposes of selling site related merchandise. We anticipate this new addition to be up and running within 2 weeks.

10/04/11 - The Team Galaxy Logo contest is currently closed due to lack of entries . If you have submitted an entry, please note that we have not received it. If you submitted an entry, please notify us through the Forums. 

09/08/11 - Do you like contests? Are you a talented artist? Starting today, we are officially holding a contest to see who can create the best logo for the site, with the winning entry becoming the official site logo (amongst other prizes)! Head on over to our 'Contests' section for more details:    Good Luck! :D

06/09/11 - 2,000 episode downloads! Yay! A big thank you to all of our visitors who helped make this possible. Thank you all for keeping Team Galaxy alive. :)

05/22/11 - Happy Birthday TeamGalaxyFanClub! This site was created a year ago in May, so we are officially one year old, yay! To celebrate this momentous occassion, we have added loads more content to the site. New additions include:

Gallery: Several new pieces to the 'Artistic Renderings' album

Videos: 2 new videos for your viewing pleasure, including the rare original Team Galaxy Opening Theme

Bonus Content: Some new Team Galaxy desktop icons for your computer, available in both Windows and Mac formats

and last but certainly not least...

Full Episodes: We have finally completed our full episode library, adding the missing episodes: Season 1 Finale - Circus of the Stars (Full), and  # 28 - Space-Squatch

 Thank you all for making this first year such a wonderful experience. Hope to see you all back soon. Have fun :D 

01/22/11 - Season 2 episodes are now available under the new file hosting system. Enjoy!

01/18/11 - Season 1 is now available for download using the new file host system. We expect Season 2 to be ready within this week.

01/07/11 - The episodes "Space-Squatch" and the "Circus of the Stars" season finale will not be included in the recent system. I currently have these episodes on disc, however, and they require transferring to a computer and editing before they will be distributed. I hope to have these episodes ready as soon as possible. 

01/06/11 - Belated Happy New Year everyone! To help kick off the new year, we are upgrading how full episodes will be distributed. We will be offering each episode in a much more efficient file host, and also be including files for downloading entire seasons, or better yet, every episode in one massive file. This new system should be finalized within 2-3 days.

12/06/10 - We will be hosting Dev Chats (Developer Chats) this week, giving members and visitors a chance to speak with the owner of the site. The chat sessions will start on Wednesday, December 8th through Friday, December 10, and will be between 4:00 - 6:00 PM EST. These sessions will convene via our new Tinychat channel, accessible by clicking the bottom button "Team Galaxy Chat". If for any reason I am not available, and you would like to send in a question, send it in to, and you will receive a reply on the same day, guaranteed.

11/25/10 - Check out our new mobile version of the site. Compatible with most mobile devices. 

11/25/10 - We have added a new feature to the site. Our new toolbar at the bottom of the screen. This toolbar will allow you to access multiple parts of our site, our external partners, and our new instant chat messaging system.

11/25/10 - We have added a brand new IM system to the site, provided by Tinychat. This service will allow both members and casual visitors to chat, either through IM, or Cam and Mic.

10/15/10 - If anyone is experiencing errors with downloading episodes 1-20, it is because the site we are using to distribute them is suffering from severe errors. If you are having errors downloading any of the episodes, please post it in the forums under the "Technical Support" section, and we will reply as soon as possible. Also, my apologies for the lack of content being added to the site recently, but we are pretty much out of ideas for new stuff to add. If anyone would like to leave a suggestion, please post it in the forums under the "Site Suggestions" section.

09/05/10 - Episodes 1-20 in the "Full Episodes" section are currently experiencing errors, and may not download properly. We anticipate to have this issue fixed within 1-3 days.

08/30/10 - We are currently working on creating a store for merchandising purposes. This store will offer a large variety of Team Galaxy Fan Club related products, available to the public. We anticipate for our store to be fully operational within 1-2 weeks.

08/16/10 - We are opening the site to suggestions. If anyone has any ideas on how to improve the site or get and/or maintain members, please let us know through the "Contact Us" section.

08/12/10 - We have upgraded the site through Webs Premium services. Our new domain will be

08/08/10 - The upgrade to Webs Premium has been delayed by approximately two weeks. We are currently setting up a financial account for the site, and it will require a two week wait before we are ready to upgrade.

08/08/10 - We are proud to announce that preparations are currently underway to upgrade the website using Webs Premium services. This update will include a .com domain name, personalized emails, a free coupon for advertising on Google, and more. We estimate this transition to finalize within a period of less than five days.

08/05/10 - Seven more cool new wallpapers have been added to the "Bonus Content" section

08/03/10 - Four cool new wallpapers are now available in the "Bonus Content" section.

08/03/10 - Season 2 episodes now available for download in the "Full Episodes" section!

08/02/10 - Made a change to the site template to fit a cool new banner. Some sections of the site may experience errors because of the new change.

08/01/10 - We have uploaded several full episodes onto the site available for download as torrents. The episodes can be found in the "Full Episodes" section of the site. The section is currently incomplete, and more episodes will be added later.

07/08/10 - TeamGalaxyFanClub free toolbar now available in the "Bonus Content" section. Also, due to the limited features of, we are forced to postpone all future full episode uploads until a means of uploading them is found.

06/28/10 - We are currently working on adding several episodes available for download to the site. We expect to upload approximately 20-30 episodes within 1 or 2 weeks, so check back often.

06/03/10 - We have uploaded several videos onto the site. For the time being, we will only be uploading short scenes from episodes. Full episodes will be added at a later date, due to the services of Webs Free Version being unable to accomodate for such uploads.

05/15/2010 - Games section added to the website, offering 4 brand new space-tastic games to the public!

05/13/10 - This site was created on May 13th, 2010. Since this site is fairly new, we are expecting to add a lot more content, including a picture gallery, video library of all the episodes, and more forum topics.

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