Team Mugen

Initial D Arcade Team

Major Updates 06/25/2007

Eau Claire Market - Cinescape Closing July 26

Records Section - Under Construction... Updates to follow soon.

Welcome To Our Team Page!

       Team Values:

  • Unite Gamers Who Have A Common Interest In The Racing Genre.
  • Assist Those New In The Initial D Community And Bring Out The Maximum Potential Of Our Members.
  • Through Communication And  Collaboration We Try To Enhance Driving Game Techniques.
  • To Improve The Strength Of The Team, Make New Friends, and Have Fun.

       Mugen is a word of Japanese origin, meaning no limits. This is why we chose Mugen as our name.

 A team which started in Calgary, Mugen is an Initial D Arcade Team that believes in uniting and creating friends who share a common interest in Initial D and racing games in general. With our members working together we strive to compete with others, bring out potential, and most of all have FUN!!!


OutRun 2 Pages Coming Soon

Wangan Midnight Records Up...

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