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Egg carton - or musical instrument?

Posted by teachcreativity on June 8, 2013 at 3:30 PM

Styrofoam egg cartons are a fantastic music-maker for young children, especially toddlers, who enjoy making  a lot of noise without expending much effort! They can tap them on the floor, on their shoes, on their knees, even on their heads (it doesn't hurt)! The egg cartons make a very satisfying sound and because they're not "real instruments," it doesn't matter if they get banged up a bit (they will)!).

I like the fact that toddlers can relate to egg cartons - they've all seen them and know that eggs come in them at the store. Before I pass around an egg carton to explore, I always open it up to show them that the eggs are gone - otherwise they often try to open the cartons and rip them,

Remember to always wash and dry the egg cartons thoroughly, and supervise toddlers when they're playing with them.

For double the fun, play with two egg cartons - knock them together for more interesting sounds!

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