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Ribbit! by Rodrigo Folgueira

Posted by teachcreativity on April 20, 2013 at 9:40 AM

This is a charming, creative story for toddlers all the way up to kindergarteners. Each group will "get" it on a different level.

One day a pig appears at the frogs' pond, saying only "Ribbit!" The frogs and their friends are confused and go to consult the wise old beetle (cute touch). But when they return to the pond, the pig has disappeared! The wise old beetle comments, "Maybe he just wanted to make new friends." They look up and see the pig has settled in with the birds in a nearby tree. He's saying "Tweet" now. The story ends with all the animals together in the tree, all good friends.

Toddlers and two's will enjoy the silliness of a pig saying "Ribbit!" and will have fun making the "Ribbit!" sound whenever it appears. Older children can create their own ways to say "Ribbit!" (You may ask them, "How do you think a pig would say 'Ribbit'?") They can also start to discuss the idea that when others say things we think are silly, or start games we don't understand, and so on, they may be trying to be friends with us, but just don't know how.

The illustrations are simple and very cute. All the groups I read this to loved it and wanted to hear it again.

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