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Every Life is Precious to Us



  AGE CATEGORY 5-12yrs 


There's Something about Molly
by Sophie from Pymble

She was simply beautiful,

A saint to be exact.

Her eyes come back in memories,

Her face would just attract.

She was my best friend, my only one,

We were brought together by fate.

She knew everything about me,

There was not one minute of hate.


There’s something about dogs,

That most will take for granted.

Their heart grows like a sycamore tree,

Their souls are most enchanted.


But Molly wasn’t like the rest,

She was as beautiful as the moon.

We would wake and play all morning,

And rest together by afternoon.


She was my reason I woke in the mornings,

Why I slept at night.

With her I never was alone,

Through the darkness shone her light.


When Molly hits my mind,

I know we’ve drifted apart.

But even though she’s not here now,

She will always be in my heart.


A Dear Little Friend

by Emma from St Ives


I remember the day I bought her.

She was still small, but she appeared bigger for her puffy white fur.

She was sitting in the food tray, her tiny pink mouth over a leaf of green.

We fed her the largest variety of fruit and vegetables, so she grew steadily each day as she lazed in the coziest corner of her cage.

She has become more than just a guinea pig and I hope she lives as long as I.

She is better than a horse, dog, rabbit, cat and mouse put together.

She has the shortest, stubbiest and sweetest legs ever.

Her round chubby cheeks and her double chin move at a vigorous pace as she chews.

She is my golden sunshine.

Twinkle is my dearest little friend.

Poem about Daisy
by Jack from Loftus

We have a cat called Daisy
and she is pretty crazy
We got her from the Sydney Dog's Home
when we brought her home she attacked our garden gnome
She eats a lot and likes meats
One of her favourite foods is dog treats
Our cat is cuddly, cute and warm
and she likes to relax inside when there's a storm
Our cat looks like a Bengal and has a fluffy coat
but she doesn't like to go out in a boat
she is the best
We love our cat Daisy.


  AGE CATEGORY  13 - 17 yrs 

by Laura from Illawong

“Hail” Bright Bird so doth cry
“Hail thou wonder dome earth and sky”
Spread thy wings and soar and fly
“Hail” Bright Bird so doth cry

Across thou water wild and wet
Thee Bright Bird doth forget
Damage dome earth now troubled
Anger boiled and anger bubbled

Cage Bright Bird, fates surely follow
To wrench Bright Bird from captures hollow
Bright Bird caged is damage done
To dome the earth which it ought roam

“Hail” Bright Bird so doth cry
“Thee God released thy to thou sky”
“Hail” Bright Bird doth pray and cry
Rightly free to roam the sky.


Rescue Dog

by Ashleigh from Lindfield


Alone and cold afraid in the dark

No where to run, never seen a park

Bruised and battered waiting fro help

A cut across the nose, a sniffle a yelp

Food its scarce seen and ribs show through
Hardly seen sunlight since the day it was new

Shivering uncontrollably, leaps at a touch
Never runs round, never does much can bearly stand on legs too weak

Usually not shy, over time made meek
All brought about by neglect and lack of care

The acts of the owners laid out bare Hands gently lift it up and snuggle it close
Warm bottles of milk and fresh food On darker memories it does not brood

Running round at the park Suddenly light not unbearable dark
Sniffling and playing enjoying the sun

Chasing  ball and having some fun Barking thanks to the RSPCA
This dog will have many a bright happy day.


  AGE CATEGORY 18yrs+ 

Ode to Bobby

by Sally from Caringbah

Our dog loves to play with a ball,
when he goes for a walk he stands so tall.

He's a lovely Jack Russell terrier,
who could not be any merrier.

He always comes when I call.

Oran's legacy
By Kris from East Ryde.

A dog person? Me?
It'll never come true.
Cats are my passion,
Then out of the blue.

My best friend got sick.
Cancer. My biggest of fears.
Still, I couldn't be selfish
We'd had twenty years.

Her heartbeat got quiet.
Was it over? I wasn't quite sure.
The vet said she'd died in my arms,
While my tears hit the floor.

I sobbed in the garden for hours that night,
"Oran?" I whispered, "I'm going insane."
Then very quietly my best friend replied,
"You rescued me once - go do it again."

So I went through the internet, shelters and pounds,
Looking for just the right "one".
But how can you choose when they ALL need a home?
This was just far too sad - I was done.

Then a door opened wide and my eyes met hers,
And I knew straight away it was love,
Call it luck, call it fate, but I like to think
It was all pre-arranged from above.

When I returned home later that day
My children were totally agog,
As I walked in the door my daughter called out,
"That's not a cat, it's a dog!"

Muffin is now such an important member
Of the Kennedy family,
But what of the dogs that were left behind?
I returned; and now we have three.

There's a lot of noise and chaos
Behind our small front door,
But more than that there's laughter and love
Of that you can be sure.

Best Mates
By Paulette  from Janalli (for Chelsea RIP 4/7/91 - 1/8/08)
One hot December day
After the kids had been out to play
We jumped in the car for a trip to the pound
We took our dog Chelsea and had a look 'round.
Now Chelsea was 13 and still lots of fun
So we were looking for a dog that could run
And a dog for the kids to pick up and cuddle
And hopefully one that would not leave a puddle!
The little Maltese that caught our eye
Was 4 months old and certainly not shy
We called him Murphy and took him home
It wasn't long before he decided to roam!
He peed in the house and ran away
We tried and we tried to make him stay
Chelsea loved him and they played a lot
And eventually we trained him to stay in one spot
Now 4 years later Chelsea's passed away
And Murphy's lonely during the day
He's getting lots of cuddles and kisses
But deep inside he knows what he misses
So it won't be long till we jump in that car
Hopefully we won't have to travel far
We'll rescue another adorable mate
Or maybe use this website to set up a date!