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ADOPTED PETS 2018 - 2019

PIXIE born 25/2/11 approx

28/6/19 Pixie has been adopted by her foster carer Lucy in Bexley

Pixie is a pretty short haired calico torti with an unusual coloured coat.The black markings are only on one side. She is full of life and just loves chasing shoelaces, picking them up and playing tug of war with you, also likes batting table tennis balls back to you especially when she is inside her tunnel or on top of the pen. She hardly meows- she makes little yipping sounds when she sees her food coming and jumps up and down .(she is very food orientated) She loves exploring and has worked out how to use the cat flap.
Playing inside the cat tunnel is another big favourite.  She dashes around when let out of her room. She is shy with strangers at first but is a very smoochy girl once she trusts you and then she will give you head rubs & roll on her side for lots of pats. She enjoys being patted and brushed., She will let me pick her up onto my lap for a short time, and has jumped onto my lap by herself a few times . If you stroke one cat, the others come up to ask for their share.
Pixie has become friends with Scotty and can be found cuddled up with him at times.
Pixie is FIV negative


October 2018 Melody has been adopted by Michelle in Sylvania

Melody's story....
I'm a pretty blue and white girl born approx 2004. Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption took me into foster care  when my family planned to take me to the pound, when they were moving to the US.
SPRA took me in because they knew that being a special needs pussy cat, I would have been put to sleep at the pound straight away. Lots of people don't realise, but pets surrendered to the pound by their owners can be put to sleep straight away. Hard to believe..but that's what happens. Anyway..I was one of the lucky ones.

At the time my family surrendered me, I was very overweight and a sad pussy cat. Sydney Pet Rescue thinks that I was likely a cruelty case. It took a long time, with kindness and patience from my foster carers, to help me learn to trust people, and for me to get down to my ideal weight, but I did! We learned that I am one of those pussy cats that prefers to be an only cat, though I might be ok with one other laid back pussy cat. We also learned that the sort of home or foster home that I do best in is a quiet patient caring home, without children or other pets, though one other laid back pussycat might be ok too. Because of my special needs, it's been so hard for me to find just the right foster home or forever home.

CAESAR born 2005

August 2018 Caesar has been adopted by his foster carer Kylie

We first met Caesar in January 2015 when I was a volunteer with SPRA and we took in him for vacation care. Brett and I had lost our own dog the year before and we felt ready to take that step again and foster a dog in need of care.
Over that year we fostered him for a few short stints and also nursed him for a few weeks after his surgery to remove his eye due to a tumour in May 2015.

During that year he was diagnosed with cancer and was the perfect patient going through chemo, so when his foster carer couldn’t look after him any more we made the decision to take him in for his twilight years and he’s been with us permanently for the last 18 months.
In that time he has made his way into our hearts and into the hearts of everyone who cared for him as he was such a good patient, including Kirrawee Vet Hospital and the wonderful vets at SASH where he was a regular in the past year.

He had been through so much and was such a fighter to the end.
He always maintained his gentle soul and just loved human company. He loved the simple things in life – food, going for walks and cuddles.
His staffy smile and waggly tail melted our heart every time we saw him.

MINNIE (f) born 19/12/17 approx

April 2018 Minnie has been adopted by Lucy in Barden Ridge who has been fostering her

Minnie came to SASH in March 2018 as a duty of care kitten.
Domestic Medium Hair, 12 weeks old, sweet nature.
Poor little Minnie was found up a tree, and brought in by a member of the public. SASH thinks she was there for a while as she was quite dehydrated and infested with fleas

MISSY (f) tabby born 25/12/12 approx

January 2018 Missy has been adopted by her foster carer David

5/2/13 Missy(f) was rescued at 6wks old. She is a pretty  brown tabby. Missy is FIV negative

2/6/13 Missy, short for 'Mischief', is a very pretty brown tabby who is absolutely fearless. She is very affectionate and adores both humans and other cats. She would not however, be suitable for a household with very young children.
She would be best suited to a household where she will be retained indoors or to a household with an outdoor enclosure. She is very active and must have at least one other feline companion (a multi-cat household would be even better).
She will return affection ten-fold, but is confident enough to be independent when the mood strikes.