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I have always had great respect for those who work as true professionals.  These are people who believe in what they do - they are motivated by a sacred fire within their hearts and souls.  The true professional does not accept compromise and is appreciated for their integrity.  They tend to move into high ranks in their field, the fruit of their experience and intelligence.  These are the people whom  I admire. 
There are others, however, who never find that serene assurance, and who struggle to create "castles in the sand" in order to have a brief moment of grandeur.  Theirs is a struggle to manufacturer  a reality that does not exist, which in turn gives them a false sense of  importance, not based on truth or fact, and with no regard for the  malice caused to others that get, intentionally or unintentionally, caught up in their schemes.  These people crave sensationalism, at the expense of others.  In the recent course of events, I have known three people to whom this description is aptly applied. The first is Stacey Meichtry of the Wall Street Journal, writing on a subject that he knew nothing about and of which he completely misunderstood and misinterpreted. Perhaps he just wanted to insinuate a "scoop" for the pure thrill of  masturbating his mind (poor thing -  he's  disqualified in the horological world). The second is Matt Malone of Conde Naste's Portfolio, when he and his company swore that they had seen and read the PWC's report, sustaining all of the horrible accusations that he wrote about me, when in fact, he hid the fact that there are no direct accusations against me, and that the very first page of the report states that it is based on incomplete information, with reserved comments regarding problems with an outdated computer system and records still to be interpreted. But the greatest disappointment is Christophe de Kalbermatten!  After 8 months of waiting to see the highly secretive report written by Price WaterHouse Coopers,  my auditors, lawyers, and I are shocked and disgusted to find that there is no concrete evidence for all of these accusations mounted against me by de Kalbermatten  (plans for the atomic bomb were not guarded so strictly, and it is important to note that in Switzerland, reports and documents  are not open or not necessarily disclosed to both sides involved in a law suit, until the day one appears in court!). We are finally now able to dissect each paragraph, bit by bit, and are preparing a supply of documents to establish my innocence. Christopher probably thinks himself to be part of an untouchable caste of lawyers, free to do what they want, and free to manipulate the law to their cause.  The latest is his affidavit made in the case of Patrizzi vs. Lam (for details Google Patrizzi verses Lam). This lawyer perjures himself by stating that the Lam incident is part of a lengthy law suit between Antiquorum and myself, which is a complete lie; he is trying to keep this case in Switzerland where Lam cannot be persecuted. He also sends the California judge the French version of the PWC report to impress him by the quantity of material against me, when there is not a word regarding Lam or this incident in this document -- so why didn't he send the American judge the English Version?? Tsukahara and the prosecutor in Zurich have had the English versions for months!! It is obvious that he doesn't WANT the judge to understand what's in the document.   This is a blatant example of trying to manipulate the facts.

It's a pity that we are not all real professionals, upholding what we believe to be the "right" thing to do.  The three people mentioned above give me an even greater appreciation for the true professionals.

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