Osvaldo Patrizzi Responds


All of this Agony, and For What?


Geneva, October 21, 2015


Finally, the drama of stealing Antiquorum SA away from me, by my two ex-lawyers, has ended.

After 8 years of legal battles - an infinity of deceitful fabrications, civil suits too numerous to list, rendered credible by 71 criminal accusations, slanderous newspaper articles, and all the other malicious attacks that I have endured, it has all ended, in nothing.  I have been absolved of all of the criminal accusations, and the civil cases are all gone except for an outstanding minor technicality.


My celebrated Antiquorum, the only one of its kind in the world, does not exist anymore!  The Antiquorum that you all knew so well and loved for its expertise and organization, its high standards in producing fine catalogues, its thematic sales, and all of its many innovations that made it modern and dynamic in the world of auctioneering – is gone.


Antiquorum SA declared bankruptcy in 2014 after having changed its name to Izzi Trip - an anagram of Osvaldo Patrizzi.  One has to be really mentally disturbed to stoop so low!


The Gang of Four, Zimmerman, Levine, de Kalbermatten and Tzukahara (although the last is too stupid to really be held accountable) destroyed a company that had an annual turnover of ChF 145,000,000, with a profit of between 9-12% (before taxes).

Today’s results – Antiquorum has failed and is in debt for over ChF 60,000,000.

The creditors will meet in Geneva in mid-November.


All of my watches that were in my possession have been freed from their protective sequester as of September 30, as well as those in Antiquorum’s possession, except that those have disappeared through mysterious channels into companies abroad. 


When my lawyer and I tried to explain to the judge what was indeed happening in 2007, no one wanted to believe us.  BRAVI !


All of the perpetrated lies and accusations were rendered credible by a huge collection of artistically created documents from Price Waterhouse Cooper, who, perhaps in their naïve eagerness (?) were manipulated by the Gang of Four with a supply of confusing, fraudulent, censored, edited, and “missing” documents which I was accused of stealing.  This operation was skillfully prepared and distilled by Zimmerman, Tzukahara and their lawyer, de Kalbermatten, who acted as their coconspirator and official PR person, in the hopes of finalizing their theft by having me arrested.

It would be interesting to know if de Kalbermatten would prefer to be known as a fool or a swindler.


All of the financial and accounting documents that they, with the support of PWC, accused us of stealing were found exactly where they should have been – in our accounting storage area.  The day that the prosecutor decided to raid the storage depot, all of the documents, and more, were found, many bearing the stamp of PWC!!


Eight years are very long, but returning to the news of the day, there was no traditional Antiquorum sale in Geneva, in October, and I believe there will be no sale in November either.  There are rumors that they will be closed by year’s end. This is a real triumph in senselessness and should be noted in the Guinness Book of Records.


For those of you that would like to know the people responsible for orchestrating this Berezina, here they are – these are the names of the “Dream Team” who brought down Antiquorum.  Be careful of these people.



Michael Levine – the puppeteer

Evan Zimmerman – the puppet, and Judas

Bernie Chase – a real son of a …..

Tzukahara – the village idiot

de Kalbermatten- a legal piece of trash

Bob Maron – the village fool

William Rohr – an arrogant fool

Etienne Lemenager – a good for nothing

Brandon Thomas – another good for nothing

Julien Schaerer – an arrogant, but limited fool

Jorge Robelo – a miserable traitor

Fabien Chicha – a nobody

Sandrina Palomera – another good for nothing

Claudia de Benedetto – good for nothing

Isabelle Boutantin – an overbearing, ignorant grossière

Soari Omura – someone from whom I would have expected more

Sharon Kerman – talent for sale


What disgusting people!

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