Osvaldo Patrizzi Responds


The Prophecy

As I foresaw many months ago, the team of Antiquorum has not been able to produce a  profit sufficient  to cover their expenses, and it has quickly caught up with them.  It is for this reason, largely, that the new management of Artist House has refused to continue the re-financing of Antiquorum's loses, and has been forced to liquidate the company.  For further shocking details, refer to Artist House's website or the Reuters web page.  What surprised me the most, and has gone beyond my prophecies, was the amount for which this transaction was completed.  After this tragic episode, I wish the new shareholders all the best and hope that they will have the vision and ability to restore Antiquourm to the greatness that it once was.

On a less shocking note, Giorgia Mondani, the last survivor of Antiquorum's current marketing department, who gave her notice in March (see March 20 notes on this website) , has finally left.  I wish her well in her new position in her father's company,  Guido Mondani Editore.

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