Osvaldo Patrizzi Responds


                                      Requiem for Antiquorum

Congratulation, John Tsukahara -you have nearly completed your masterpiece.

Here's the latest news:

 -The second quarter under Antiquorum's new management indicates that there have been losses in the 8-digit numbers. (I am sure that I will take the blame for  your inability to  manage an international auction house.  Just remember that I had no such problems under my management, and this will be proven by the law)

 -They have lowered Antiquorum's share capital to zero and now are waiting for new investors. Thus, the "hold-up" of the company, which began on June 15, 2007, is close to completion.

-The first wave of this foreseen death took place this past Friday, January 18th, 2008, with the firing of the entire computer programming department: Jorge Robelo, David Arias, and Ernesto Gavilanes (I'm sorry for Ernesto!).  The executive assistant was also fired, Sandrina Palomera.

-A loud buzz of rumors from Geneva are circulating that Etienne Lemenager has been put on the market, and that his friend, Brandon Thomas will be promoted to run things.  There are whispers that the Shanghai office may be closed as well.  It would also seem that Evan Zimmerman is on shaky ground.  It is also rumored, from reliable sources, that since Antiquorum is desperate for money, they are toying with the idea of selling Antiquorum USA.

So, the company which I brought to great success - the company that took me 32 years to build into the #1 auction house in the world for horology, has been successfully demolished in even less time than I predicted.  







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