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The Future

Fortune-telling is a hit or miss hypothesis, but with Antiquorum's future, reading the crystal ball is quite easy.

The seeds of its destruction were, as I explained in my last comment, planted 2 years ago, when I was ousted as Chairman. The plan was to seize control of the company, and initiate a series of legal cases designed to destroy my reputation, cost me a fortune in legal fees and drive me into an ignominious retirement.

The further advantage of this strategy was to enable the Cabal to claim that I owed the company huge amounts of money, and all an investor had to do was buy shares in Antiquorum, and 2 years later he would get paid back five times over.

However, a friend made the comparison of a famous Japanese commander, Admiral Yamamoto, who led another sneak attack, this time at Pearl Harbor in 1941, saying “I fear we have wakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve”. And while this comparison by my friend seemed extreme in scope, the strategies, and I am sure that the outcome also, are the same.

Patrizzi & Co has been launched and is rapidly re-establishing itself as a key player.

At Antiquorum, despite multiple press releases announcing new “investors” and “management”, no new money has been put into the capital of the company. Each new investor has seen the reality, and sold on his shares. 

The list of creditors taking legal action gets longer every day, for many millions of Swiss Francs. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow from the baseless legal cases against me is still nowhere in sight.

There are disconcerting signs that the ship is sinking, at least in Geneva, with Mr Rohr, the COO, not having been seen for months, and the trade marks and domain names being moved to Antiquorum’s USA Company… etc. Will the creditors eventually discover that the company is just an empty shell burdened with debts that will never be paid? Time will tell.

One could wonder what advantage there is in transferring assets to Antiquorum’s USA subsidiary. Perhaps Evan Zimmermann will wave a magic wand and claim the company never was a subsidiary of Antiquorum in Geneva.

Why not, it would be consistent behavior and if we look at the alleged shareholders of this “independent” company, no doubt Evan will have a substantial holding.


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