Osvaldo Patrizzi Responds



Just to keep you up to date on Antiquorum's woes, there are four more payment injunctions against them.  Adding to the long list of Antiquorum's friends, these four have decided to pursue the legal route, since they have not received any satisfaction from Antiquorum's management.  I listed some of the lawsuits in my "If Truth be Told" and "From Worse to Comic" pages listed in this blog, so this is simply an additional few; it doesn't appear that Antiquorum's situation is improving - it must be a continuous nightmare for you, Evan Zimmerman, and Bob Maron.  These new complaints are filed by:       Brandon Thomas          ChF 103,910.50 (approx. $ 90,000)

           Isami                            US$ 65,238.

           Patrizia Crisci (another)  $US   6,840.

           Artist House  (Being filed as I write) US$ 4,800,000. plus 1 year's interest


I make no further comment.  The facts speak for themselves.

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