Osvaldo Patrizzi Responds


From Worse to Comic - September 18, 2008


 Congratulations Bob (Maron)!!  I have read that you have become Antiquorum's new Chairman, but chairman of WHAT - a relic?  Do you realize where you are putting your foot?  Before assuming this title, do you understand that you are now personally responsible for Antiquorum's financial and legal situation?  Have you not heard the knocking on Antiquorum's doors?  If you are deaf or just unaware, let me enlighten you as to the official legal proceedings currently against your company:  

 - Quorum House for Swiss Francs   11,965,966.                                                           - Patricia Crisci for     "         "                65,000.                                                           - Swiss Government (taxes)   "              889,092.                                                           - Publisher  (Euro=320,000)  "             512,000.

-PricewaterhouseCooper Swiss Francs   700.000

-Madeleine Ramel             "        "          72.000       

In addition, there are dozens of clients who still have not received complete payments, including the Swiss Francs 5,000,000 due to the Spanish Aristocratic vendor from the May auction. I am sure that you recall the $500,000 that are due Joseph Lam. Of course there are the multiple criminal law suits that I have filed against your current management, which you might dismiss for the moment, but I can assure you that you all will have to pay.

I would love to know how you plan to rebuild Antiquorum's cash flow when you are paying yourself $2,000,000 annual salary, $700,000 to Tsukahara, and so on and so on!!!  Do you think that selling your own unsold inventory through Antiquorum's next New York sale will be their winning lotto ticket? 

The comic element, Bob, in all of this is that your good friend, Evan Zimmerman, despite his planning to undermine me, has failed in his greedy persuits.   I understand he is unhappy with his 10% take of the company. If he had not tried to be so sly by planning this hold-up with Artist House, he would have received, in 3 months time, 25% of a thriving company, completely free, given to him by me.

Oh, by the way, just in case you never understood the motive behind the hold-up of June 15, 2007, it is actually quite simple.  If I had retired, as my contract stipulated, in December 2008, I would have left with $48,000,000 (at today's exchange rate)in my pocket.  So my advise to you with your new partners is:  watch your back !!




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