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Antiquorum S.A.'s  Shareholders'  Meeting

On June 20 a shareholders' meeting of Antiquorum S.A. took place in Geneva, producing new surprises. Forever Most Investments, to whom Artist House Holdings sold all of its shares in Antiquorum, was refused entrance to the shareholders meeting. To everyone's surprise, Yo Tsukahara produced a proxy from Artist House claiming that they still held 2098 shares. This is, of course, in total conflict with the announcements that Artist House made to the public and to the Tokyo Stock Exchange on May 16 stating that they had sold all of their shares for approx. $100,000. Clearly someone is not telling the truth!

The meeting proceeded with the recognition of Gerald Chase as a shareholder having 2200 shares (51%) of Antiquorum S.A., despite the fact that his shares have not, and cannot , be issued until Antiquorum is able to register the capital increase with the Geneva Commercial Register. This is still blocked by the injunction from the Zurich prosecutor.

The whole meeting was a charade, with voting on the basis of shares that have been sold but not ever issued. Voting took place on the nomination of 2 additional directors, Gerald Chase and Evan Zimmerman, and Yo Tsukahara requested a discharge for his excellent management over the last 10 months.

What I find the most disgusting in regard to this latest shareholders' meeting, however, is not the fact that Yo Tsukahara is trying to cover his back side, and not even the endless manipulations by Evan Zimmerman which have from the beginning  been a ploy to take over Antiquorum USA.  What really disgusts me is the way that the law has been abused by one of its own, Christophe de Kalbermatten. How can a partner, in a "reputable" law firm of Geneva, accept and continue to take on such a farce, orchestrating outrageous and illegal procedures, with no regard for upholding ethical and legal standards of his profession?  

 It is obvious that Yo (John) Tsukahara is desperate, and that he will try any tactic to come up with the funds that they need.  The CHF 5 million, promised by Gerald Chase will not begin to cover the vendor payments, not to mention the Spanish gentleman whose collection was sold in the May sale in Geneva, and whose money has already been spent.



There are louder and louder voices that are circulating in Japan, pertaining to a certain  commission of $3 million taken by Evan Zimmerman from Artist House for the acquisition of Antiquorum, unbeknownst  to me at the time. This kick-back was deposited in Zimmerman's private bank account, in both Hong Kong and Monte Carlo.  Gee, I wonder if he ever declared that money on his 2006 tax return?  

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