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Finally, the sword of Damocles has fallen!
The current prosecutor in Geneva who has been responsible for investigating my “crimes” for the last 7 years has decided that the accusations formulated by Zimmerman, Levine, and of their Genevan lawyer, de Kalbermatten, have no substance or truth and all the remaining criminal charges have been dropped and the criminal case against me is over. All three lawyers,  two New Yorkers and one Vallesan,  have tried to persuade the prosecutor  to have me arrested,  and have tried to destroy my reputation with horrific accusations, along with Michel Cohendet , and Leo Verhoeven.  Flooding the legal system and the “grapevine” with false accusations, they have acted stupidly and destroyed a company that was the largest in its market and much appreciated by watch collectors.  I strongly reproach to their lawyers,  that they participated in this attempt of theft by accepting to act as the spokesman of Evan Zimmerman and to accuse without any restraint. All of this was to take advantage of a brilliant, successful company which was internationally known for its professionalism and its world records, many of which it still holds today.  Who will pay for the moral and economic consequences and all the suffering that these criminals caused – the complete breakdown and destruction of a once solid, profitable, and ethical company, which had never even been involved in any legal battles since its inception in 1974.

This gang completely stripped Antiquorum of all its assets, leaving just an empty shell.  They have gone into bankruptcy owing more than CHF 20,000,000, stolen CHF 26,500,000 of inventory, which belonged to me, and Habsburg, sold clients’ watches through auctions without paying them, and severely crippled 2 Japanese companies that had believed and invested in my Antiquorum.
Now the former Antiquorum SA, renamed Izzi Trip, an anagram of Patrizzi, (which confirms their sick psyche) has left the key under the mat and I hope very soon will be accused of fraudulent bankruptcy, theft, tax evasion both in Switzerland and the USA, money laundering, and the list goes on.
Bravo the excellent Maitre Guerric Canonica – thank you for having believed in me and to have defended me even while the gang was doing everything in its power to have me arrested and taken away as quickly as possible to render my defense impossible.

Thank you Honorable Judge Martin for having taken the decision to have had Antiquorum’s premises/warehouse raided on the spot in December of 2010  which unearthed all of the relevant documentation which proved the deception involved and the  criminal actions  taken in order to discredit Antiquorum’s directors.
I will return with more detailed information as soon as the storm calms, after all the shit which Zimmerman, Levine and Kaldermatten have spread, rains downs on themselves.

In New York, our cases are proceeding slowly but surely, in a very positive direction.  My American lawyer, the heroic Kerry Gotlib, had asked me not to publish anything on my blog regarding our procedures to avoid any exploitation of my emotions.  I hope to be able to share with you very soon the end of this nightmare, created by the envy and greed of Zimmerman, Levine, Kalbermatten and the immense stupidity of Schaerer.

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