Osvaldo Patrizzi Responds


Pirro's Victory

I would like to quell the most recent rumors being circulated by some of Antiquorum's management.  It seems that they are claiming a "victory" of some sort since the judge in the Geneva Court has dismissed my appeal against the injunction that has the sale of my watches blocked - watches that are in my possession and that I bought and paid for from Antiquorum for $2million.  Their claim, once again, is far from the truth in its manipulated interpolation.  The judge did not indicate that these watches are not rightfully mine, but rather postponed any judgment at this time, since the entire case is going to trial.

 Antiquorum conveniently omits the long list of law suits against them - both criminal and civil suits.  I would like to share this list with you:


     *Habsburg (43% shareholder) vs.  Antiquorum for CHF 27million (for squandering the                     inventory owned by Habsburg and Osvaldo Patrizzi)

     *Quorum House vs.  Antiquourm for CHF 13million (for watches sold and not paid for)

     *Mark Schumacher (former COO) vs. Evan Zimmerman and Antiquorum USA

     *Osvaldo Patrizzi vs.  Antiquorum (for destroying and falsifying documents)


Two more criminal law suits are pending. 



    * Osvaldo Patrizzi vs. Artist House (for non-payment of salary for 18 months and                                                 bonuses totaling CHF 1.7 million, and breach of contract)

    *Osvaldo Patrizzi vs. Artist House (for non-payment of Patrizzi's shares for $3.7                                                                 million)

    *Osvaldo Patrizzi vs. Artist House (re: legality of June 15th shareholders' meeting)


To close, Yo Tsukahara, Evan Zimmerman, and all their friends will find their "victories" turning into nightmares.  









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