Swans Nests, Faringdon. SN7 7AF

Flats and Houses For Rent



This is just a quick view of these three individually architect designed properties. They were produced in 2005/6 out of a 200 (plus) year old building.


The work was carried out by one of the top local artisan/builders and involved years of negotiations between architects, council planners, listed building specialists and conservation experts. The virgin site was scrutinised by archealogists while the building itself has now had three historical and structural surveys. 

The work has succeeded in restoring the historical framework to the main structure, while extending the rear elevation of the building has allowed more living space.

We now have the restaurant on the ground floor at 6 Market Place with a one bedroom owners flat above.

A further 3 flats have access from the rear via Swan Lane.

The name 'SWANS NESTS' is deliberately ambiguous as we could not decide how many nests swans had.