The Swan

"The Dharma Story"


 "My name is Barry, welcome to the Swan Station try to feel at home you should be here a while, help yourself to anything. A few things before we begin some of the equipment is new and experimental so you can't be pressing buttons to see what they do, there is a notepad next to the computer with the login information. Did you have a nice trip out here, no problems?".

"Problems? No, except from the bumpy track it was quite nice. Talk about a long induction though."

"Tell me about it, I heard it is worse now though" He chuckles, Barry is in his 50's, well built with short greyish brown hair and a beard.

"They told me you was here on your own, how long you been working here?" You ask him

"Yes it's just me at the moment, the others that will be working here are new too. They will still be in the induction stage, they will be here within the next few weeks. I worked here back in the 70's but this place was shut down, they just rebuilt it last year , there is a film in the DVD player. It dosent tell you much but it's protocol to watch it. Oh yeah did they send that parcel down?"

"The box? Yes it's outside, they said that you would have a pallet truck in here."

"Great it's about time. Sit down and watch the video i'll go get it."    

  Barry pulls out a pallet truck and walks outside.You sit down next to the DVD player and press play. A slim tv pops out from the wall.


 Suddenly the ground shakes and there is a loud ringing panic and jump off the chair.What ever happened finished as quick as it started. An alarm starts sounding next to the computer there is a button and a red light is flashing.

Answer Transmission