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Machinery and Electrics


The engine is Yanmar 4LH-HTE marine diesel (BSO stage II approved), 140 hp/3300 rpm. KM5A gear box reduction 2.6:1, swinging a 23" × 17" LH bronze propeller. The engine room is well sound insulated.

The propeller shaft is of 40 mm acid-proof steel with heavy duty bronze bushings and lubrication system.

Fuel is carried in two tanks, each tank has a deck level filler with vent pipes also at deck level and a separate handpump for taking out the dirt. An audible alarm indicating oil pressure and temperature malfunctions is fitted in the wheelhouse and at outer steering station. There is an electrical oil-change pump.

Engine instrumentation includes:

  • 1 tachometer
  • 1 engine oil pressure gauge
  • 1 water temperature gauge
  • 1 ampere meter
  • 1 volt meter
  • 2 fuel gauges
  • 1 engine hour meter

One single lever control is provided at inner and outer steering stations. 


The steering is hydraulic steering with dual station controls: one in the wheelhouse and one in the cockpit.

The upper or cockpit unit is enclosed within a binnacle column. Both controls are totally self-contained and connected in parallel. Turn-over rate of the inner wheel is adjustable, normally 3–6 turns from lock to lock.

Rudder of fibreglass, rudder stock of acid-proof steel, bearings of bronze.

Emergency steering by way of a tiller connected directly to the rudder stock.





Boat's service is both 12V DC and 240V AC. The are numerous AC and DC outlets throughout the boat.

Shore power is supplied to the boat via two 30A shore power inlets and is routed through isolation transformers.

Onboard power generation is from either a Balmar 105A alternator or a Westerbeke 8kW generator.

The system employs 3 heavy duty lead acid batteries (Mastervolt 8D 220Ah), an AGM 8D 220Ah main engine start battery and a generator start battery. All batteries are housed in a ventilated box in the engine room.

Battery charging is by way of a Mastervolt Mass Combi 12-2000-100 inverter/charger and battery condition is monitored with a Xantrex Link 10 battery monitor.

There is a master switch for start and service batteries.

Individual functions controlled by switch panel, including automatic fuses for all consumers with lights.

Working lights positioned throughout the vessel where appropriate, including flexible arm chart light and reading lights at berths. All wardrobes have lights.


Spectra "Newport 400" water-maker - 400gpd











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