BOB SADLER subsea engineer

cruising sailor

enthusiastic cook

hopeful fisherman 



LOA: 13.0m (42ft 8in)

LWL: 10.35m (33ft 11in)

Beam: 4.0m (13ft 1in)  

Draft: 1.95m (6ft 4in)

Displacement: 14.5te (32klbs) 

Ballast: 4.6te (10,100lbs)

Engine: 140HP 

Fuel Capacity: 700l (185g)

Water Capacity: 700l (185g)

Cruising Speed: 7.5kts

Range under power: 800nM

Height - WL: 19.4m (63ft 6in)

Mainsail: 39.5sq m (425sq ft)

Genoa I: 58sq m (624sq ft)

CE Approved Category: A






Calculated Values

 Displacement to LWL: 365 (A medium value would be 200. 300 is high and 100 is low e.g Hallberg-Rassy 40 = 193, Pacific Seacraft 40 = 349)

 Sail Area to Displacement: 13.63 (The sail area is the total of the main sail and the area of the front triangle e.g Hallberg-Rassy 40 = 20.1, Pacific Seacraft 40 = 16.3)

Hull Speed: 7.81 kts (This is the maximum speed of a displacement hull e.g. e.g Hallberg-Rassy 40 = 8.16, Pacific Seacraft 40 = 7.5)

Motion Comfort:  43.5 (Range will be from 5 to 60+.The higher the number the more comfort in a sea. This figure of merit was developed by the Yacht designer Ted Brewer and is meant to compare the motion comfort of boats of similar size and types e.g Hallberg-rassy - 30.9, Pacific Seacraft 40 = 36.8)

Capsize Ratio:  1.65 (A value less than 2 is considered to be relatively good; the boat should be relatively safe in bad conditions. The higher the number above 2 the more vulnerable the boat e.g Hallberg-Rassy 40 = 1.79, Pacific Seacraft 40 = 1.73)

Average Passage Speed: 133n M/d (With double handed cruising crew and minimal motoring, calculation factors in S/D ration and LWL e.g Hallberg-Rassy 40 = 145, Pacific Seacraft 40 = 134)


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