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"Karen M" is a semi-custom Nauticat 42. She was built in 2002 by Nauticat Yachts Oy (previously Siltala Yachts Oy) of Finland to the requirements Joe and Peggy Moran of Florida.  The Morans put a lot of thought and effort into the design and this is a very nice, very well thought out boat.

She was commissioned and launched in June 2003 at Bennett Brothers Ltd., North Carolina. 

I purchased "Karen M" from the Morans in November 2007 and the plan is that she'll be sailed to Australia from the US via Europe, S and SE Asia and New Zealand.

Health warning: if some of the following description sounds a little like an "advertorial" that's probably because it was!

  Nauticat Oy's website

 Nauticat 42 Specification


Karen M Safety Booklet




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