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What are our ads - really?   TV commercials without the pictures!
We live at wonderful time where the Average Joe's among us can wake up to discover even
more financial success than we ever expected - and we can thank the Net!  But nothing
worthwhile comes without a price.  The Net is also one of the MOST competitive environments
on this planet!  
It's been said countless times:   You can have the BEST opportunity on earth & be the hardest
working individual but without Ads that make people want to find out more, how do you even
begin make money?  And that couldn't be more true!
Online selling is Serious Business & everybody wants a piece of those wonderful, magical
million/billion-dollar market pies!   Advertising HAS to be your #1 Priority!   Think of your
ads & your competitor's ads as the War of the Words.  HOW you say WHAT you say
is the key to success because even JUNK sells with the right advertising!
Bad Ads float all over!  Don't let your ads being among those destined for Deletion Graveyard!
Nobody writes a bad on purpose. Still, the hard-nosed truth is Just 'OK' Ads Are NOT OK.
We now live in an 'instant' age - everyone expects everything in nano-seconds!  Technology
has become so sophisticated people are bombarded with ads. Patience is almost a lost art so
ads that don't quickly grab attention & capture the imagination are quickly tossed.
How are your ads doing?  How original are they?  Are you making money?  'It's a Jungle
Out There' is online reality!  You're up against millions of other ambitious people! 
Never, ever underestimate the Power of Advertising!   
On the Net, you can't rely on your good looks, charming personality or razor-sharp wit.
YOUR ADS Do ALL the Selling!  But let's be honest - writing original compelling ads
CAN be stressful, even overwhelming.  Some people don't WANT to write them, others
simply don't have he time.  I've had writers send me their URL's!  So, if you could use some
help creating winning ad campaigns, I'd love to give you a hand with Quality work plus
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