I Spy Investigations

Springfield, MO

"When In Doubt...Always...Check E'm Out"

I Spy Investigations is a full service detective agency in company with Missouri Process Service located in Springfield, Missouri. We have been in business since 1995 offering criminal and civil investigations to attorneys, businesses, law enforcement and the general public, nation-wide. Our investigators are very well qualified and equipped to handle any case that comes our way. Our chief investigator "Rick Suttles" is renowned nation-wide for his expertise in the investigative field. Attorneys, private investigators, law enforcement and the general public world-wide have used our "special services" to locate family members, lost friends, witnesses and absconders across the country. 

Our Services

Our services include but are not limited to

insurance fraud - people & witness locate - witness interview - national  record search  background investigations - child matters - survillance  process service - skip-trace - DNA testing - spouse activity - "special services" - notary public service

Process Service

We offer "special" process service thru-out Southwest Missouri and Northern Arkansas. Our process servers are top of the line and are renowned for getting the documents served in a timely manner. "We serve the hard to serve" people that other process servers and the local sheriff departments can't get done.  

People Locate

We also offer witness and absconder "skip-tracing" services nation-wide. If your "servee" is out of our area, we can locate a "professional process server" in the area that you need, this service is also offered nation-wide! If you are looking for a family member or an old friend, we can help with this also. We have better than a 95% success rate locating people!

Record Research

Our research team can locate virtually any record that you may ever need (public or private). This service is offered nation-wide. We are well connected with several excellent private databanks and  professional agencies across the country who can retrieve almost any record from almost anywhere. Attorneys, businesses, pro se' litigants, law enforcement, and other private detective agencies use our services when all of their own resources have failed.

DNA Investigations

Our DNA Services

We offer paternity testing services (AABB accredited) that are fast, convenient, affordable and guaranteed (exclusions are 100% certain). Our certified tests are court admissible. The DNA samples can be taken in our office or in your home for your convenience. Samples are taken from the mother, the father and the child and secured. The samples are then sent by Federal Express "overnite express" to the world renowned laboratories of Chromosomal Laboratories Inc. located in Phoenix, AZ for testing. It takes about two business days to receive the results.

We also offer other DNA investigations to include infidelity and forensics.


Contact Us

I Spy Investigations 

Springfield, Missouri

phone: (417) 612-4653

e-mail: rasuttles@yahoo.com



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