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Ges - I have information for you on Mary Stenning who married William Fielder so if you visit here again please get in contact.

Jackie Eldon and Erin. I would love to correspnd with you about the Kingshotts. Please get back in touch

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This is the family history site of Susan Martin.  I hope to add all of my ancestral lines and those of my husband starting with my father's family Steer (Sussex), my mother's Hill (Harting Sussex); my father in-law's Martin (East London) and mother in-law's Slimm (Tipton). I then intend adding other families as they enter my and my husband's lines.  I am confining myself to ancestors and their siblings but I do have a lot of information on extended family members which I hope to  add one day too and which I will happily share if contacted.  I also intend adding information on places, occupations and events which appear in my lines.

31/8/08 - Dear hazel, unable to contact you personally, but thankyou for pointing out a possible mistake I've made over William Nottingham. I will look into. I welcome all errors I've made being pointed out!


21/7/08 Ive just updated James Hannington born 1873 Reading - see Blackman line, and Mary Etheridge daughter born 1687 daughter of Daniel and Mary Etheridge of Thakeham

2 April 2008

A few months on and thing haven't quite turnes out as intended. I've been side-tracked with certain families so haven't stuck to my initial plan so at present what I've put on is rather a mish-mash. Also I do need to do some indexing which I hope to get down to soon. At the end of June I am visiting the war graves in June and at present I am researching my two great uncles who died in World War I, Robert Edward Hill and William Henry Hill, also Frank Neal, fiance of my husband's aunt, Ellen Bentley, and Samuel Job Brooks a cousin of my husband's great grandmother. I'll post the articles here when finished. Finally many thank to those who have visited and given me kind words and leads.

Please let me know if you find any errors or can add any information. You can contact me

17 July 2008

Once again people who have visited my site, jouned my mailing list and written in the guestbook. I hope in the next few days to get the e-mail blast working. I've also got more material tio add, and really hope to get down to indexing names! I've just updated information on Dinah Etheridge born 1833, married James Bristow. Sadly it seemd three of her children died between 1881 and 1883. Many years later in the 1920s her grand-daughter-in-law Edith Bristow had three babies die in the 1920s.