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The Survivor Alliance is a group of abuse survivors coming together to raise awareness about the different kinds of abuse that exist in our society today.  Whether it's physical, mental, or sexual abuse, TSA is here to educate and elliminate future abuse.  Through teaming up with individuals and other organizations, TSA hopes to become a powerhouse within many communities in educating what to recognize and how to prevent abuse.  Not only are we focused on preventing abuse, but stopping it as well. Stopping abuse as soon as possible is detrimental to the development of the child who is experiencing it.  Many of us who were abused as children do agree that if the abuse had stopped years or even months before it did, our lives would be different.  The longer it goes on, the more it harms development.  That is why The Survivor Alliance wants to make sure that knowledge regarding the signs of abuse is relayed to educators and anyone who works with children.  Even though more and more people who work with children are educated in what to recognize, there are still many more out there who need to know what the signs are and what to do in the case that they encounter a case in which they suspect a child is being abused.  Still, when the signs are recognized, there is self-doubt.  It is better to be wrong than to be right and do nothing.


Survivors in the Park 2008 Hosted by The Survivor Alliance April 26th and 27th 2008.  Click HERE for more information and how you can become a part of this spectacular event for survivors by survivors.

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  • Seeking survivor stories.  If you would like to tell your story on our site, go to the new
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  • UPDATE!!!! Still Seeking contributions for our e-zine launching in early next year.  You can write about anything.
  • COMING SOON!!! A complete listing of laws in each state regarding child abuse and sentencing guidelines.  Also included will be any ongoing legislation regarding prospective child abuse laws.  Check the state laws page to see the current listing.

Healing Through Creativity held their annual Survivor Art Festival through the month of July.  Ginger was a presenter there this year and it was certainly a wonderful event to be a part of.  Check it out here:

Welcome to the website for The Survivor Alliance. 
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Raise your voice against child abuse...

There is much to explore throughout this website.  There are resources about abuse, much information that will be added very frequently, a creativity center that features the poetry and other works of survivors, and so much more.  I encourage all to participate in this website.  I encourage you to interact and I encourage you to join The Survivor Alliance.  Joining is entirely FREE and you will receive a membership packet via snail mail just by sending an e-mail with your name and address to:

From painful memories to positive actions...

If you would like to start a TSA chapter in your area, send an e-mail to the above address with your name and address and why you would like to start a TSA chapter and what you would like to accomplish.  Having your own chapter allows you to implement any ideas you have regarding stopping and preventing abuse.

If you are an existing organization who would like to team up with TSA, please send an e-mail with the name of your organization and your current causes.  Through teaming up with other organizations we want to help each other with each others causes and keep our TSA chapters updated on the current causes so that we all can create a Super Alliance, adding more voices, more force, and quicker results to our projects.

Surviving Jane

Surviving Jane has its own Website now.  Click here or click 'Surviving Jane' in the navigation bar.

Surviving Jane is a book coming out sometime between September and December of this year about a 76 year old woman who is telling her story of many types of abuse, how she survived (even though some methods weren't the best) and how she survived the best.  This site is also going to be the information hub for Surviving Jane, which you can find a section within this site designated just for the book.


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