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SC has had a few dabbles in the webcomic business. Here is a listing of all webcomics of anything resembling interesting that SC has created or worked with others on. To go to the webcomic, click on the banner or link below the title.

The majority of these are sprite comics.

Updates to these comics will not always result in an update notification from this website.

Tails and His Inverse Universe

My first webcomic. When the strange and awesome power of the MS Paint Zone goes out of control, Tails accidentally turns Mobius into a photo-negative of itself! To make things worse, Dr. Eggman has taken possession of the only object that can harness the powers of the Zone and restore its colors to normal! As Tails chases Eggman out of Mobius and into the universes of GameWorld, can everyone's favorite two-tailed fox recover the object and restore each universe's normal color scheme, or will the doc be able to erase his enemies forever?

Authortastic 2.0

My first author webcomic. Ended years ago; the only reason it's listed here is because the SC parts are considered part of the Game Over canon.

The Mind of SC276

The filler comic. For when I just want to make an irrelevant one-shot.


In the style of Strong Bad, SC (alternating between representing me and representing his character) answers reader mail! Whether or not these comics are Game Over canon is still in question. On hold until I can get some Calcutta Joe sprites.

Miles Prowler: Private Eye

In a dark city on an AU Mobius, crime runs rampart... and the only one with the ability to stop it is one fox with an office on the thirty-seventh floor of the Lombard building: Miles Prowler, private eye.

The Superkirbies

In an parallel universe, on an alternate Pop Star, our favorite little marshmallow is many instead of one. A team of seven Batamon, each armed with a unique ability, set out to defend Dreamland from all matter of trouble... once they stop arguing amongst themselves. They are... the Superkirbies!

Astro Clown

The adventures of Astro Man and Clown Man from their involvement in Mega Man 8 and beyond.

Mushroom Bowl: Season 1 Grand Championship

After fourteen different fights of varying quality, it's finally come down to this: the Mushroom Faction Champion verses the Opponent Faction Champion in a no-holds-barred most-definitely-not-lumberjack mach. In glorious high-tech Sprite-o-Vision!


Everyone else calls them Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, but I think it's an inappropriate name for a genre. Grotto the raccoon/tanuki hybrid has woken up to find himself in a straitjacket in a moving train, and it's up to you to help him get out of this mess. Updates at least once every Friday.