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Sprite Works

Webcomics are not the only way SC has played with sprites.

Here are sprites SC has created or ripped from other games. Also here is the Fake Pokedex (Fakedex), a collection of fake Pokemon; the Fakedex is actually open to anyone that wishes to add to it, and information about what you need to e-mail to the webmaster can be found in its help file.

Created Sprites


Ripped Sprites

Flying Battery Act 1 Boss 1: Energy Beam Trap (Sonic & Knuckles; Sega Genesis)

Games Menu (WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!; Game Boy Advance)

Frog Switch (Wario Land 4; Game Boy Advance)

Conveyor Belt (Wario Land 4; Game Boy Advance)

Fake Pokedex

Viewing the Fake Pokedex requires at least Flash 9.

last updated: 5-26-09