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This section is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about the Game Over story series continuality straight from the author's... um... keyboard. Locations, character, story summeries, everything I choose to reveal on one page. The ultimate (and only official) Game Over encyclopedia. Yeah, that's it.

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Origins of the Game Over

When discussing his life doing animation, Walt Disney would say that it all started with a mouse.

When it comes to Game Over, it all started with a shirt.

It was a black shirt, and on the front was a decal of a purple mushroom with a white skull on it, and below the mushrom in big white letters were the words "Game Over." A shirt that looked very much like this:

I still have that shirt after nearly three years, and it's still one of my favorites.

During my early teen years, I enjoyed putting myself as a powerful villian in many of the TV shows I watched. I guess it was an outlet for my dark side, and my imagination. Video games too, but not as often. After about a year or so of hanging around Lemmy's Land, reading stories, I finally decided to write a Fun Fiction (that's LL's name for a fanfic). I decided to call the story and the name of the enemy organization in the story "Game Over" after the shirt, since the main enemy, me, would be wearing it for the whole story.

After several months of writing and, satisfied with the 46 pages of typing that resulted, I sent the story to Lemmy. He thought a few parts were confusing, there were more then a few plotholes, and he certainly wasn't happy about the insertion of a human author character, but he thought my writing style was "excellent," thought I handled the character representing me very well, and "it far surpassed [his] expectations for any submission," among other things, so he posted it on his site on Febuary 12th, 2005.

And the rest, as they say, is history...

Tales of the Game Over

Game Over
The original story of the series. Shows SC's first attempt to take over Pilt. Febuary 12, 2005.




About two to three months after the interview with Ms. Mowz


Game Over File 2: The Crystal Catastrophe
About six months after Game Over. Show's SC's first attempt to achieve immortality, debut of Panchico and DC276.




Game Over File 2.5: Invasion of the Toons
About a month after GOF2.

RPG Over: the Treasure Trek
Currently the last time SC is shown as a Lakitu.

Authortastic 2.0

Trailer Park of Authors

Game Over Chronicles: The Cobalt Comet Crisis
Nearly a year after GOF2.5.

Game Over Bonus File: Ham-Ham Havoc

Game Over Chronicles: Streamline

And of course, there is much more to come.

(last updated 5-19-09)

The Divisions of the Game Over

Since SC decided to stop focusing on Pilt at the end of Game Over File 2: The Crystal Catastrophe, he reorganized the Game Over into multiple divisions, each division assigned to take over a certain area. Each division has members based on natives of the land they are trying to conquer. SC and Panchico are the only Game Over members not assigned to a specific division. Here is a list of the current divisions of the Game Over.

Mushroomian Division

Divison Head: 666 the Fire Brother
Known Commandos: Lord Crump, Bombette, Susan B. Koopa, General Guy, Lakilester, Dicer the Boomerang Brother
Assigned Territory: Pilt and other Super Mario related worlds such as Flipside
Central Outpost: Mt. Majesty

Hedgehogian Division

Divison Head: SC Doll
Known Commandos: none
Assigned Territory: Sonic the Hedgehog worlds (Sonic Team)
Central Outpost: Mystic Mansion

Mobian Division

Divison Head: Swatbot Admiral
Known Commandos: none
Assigned Territory: Sonic the Hedgehog worlds (Archie comic books)
Central Outpost: the Digital Zone

Dreamian Division

Divison Head: Calcutta Joe
Known Commandos: Wiz, Paint Roller
Assigned Territory: Pop Star and other Kirby universe planets
Central Outpost: NOVA2

Bombic Division

Divison Head: Omega Man
Known Commandos: Clown Man, Magic Man, Astro Man
Assigned Territory: Mega Man original series world
Central Outpost: unknown

Pokian Division

Divison Head: Rodney Fluxweed
Known Commandos: Blaze Suriken, Suzie Bubbles, Albee Falcon
Assigned Territory: Pokemon world
Central Outpost: abandoned Team Rocket base

Hyrulian Division

Divison Head: Joshua
Known Commandos: none
Assigned Territory: Hyrule
Central Outpost: unknown

Mystic Division

Divison Head: Tamany Hall
Known Commandos: none
Assigned Territory: Myst Island, Riven, and all other Myst Ages
Central Outpost: Mt. Majesty

Newgroundian Division

Divison Head: G. O. Clock
Known Commandos: CellLock, CompyClock, StereoLock
Assigned Territory: the virtual planet of Newgrounds
Central Outpost: Star Castle

Terric Division

Divison Head: unknown
Known Commandos: unknown
Assigned Territory: real world Earth
Central Outpost: unknown

(last updated 2-29-08)

Mt. Majesty: a Detailed Guide

image by Shard-sama

Mt. Majesty is the central base of the Game Over. Mt. Majesty's name comes from the song "America the Beautiful" which contains the lyrics "For purple mountain majesties / Above the fruited plain." In Game Over File 2, I put a thirty-mile radius fruited plain (not so much a plain as it is a shrub maze with fruit growing in it) around the front part of the mountain (on what was the Mushroom Kingdom side).

Besides its natural purple color, Mt. Majesty's most prominent feature is the small set of caves a little over halfway up that look like a jack-o-lanturn face. It closly resembles the face of the cursed beings from Paper Mario: the Thousand-Year Door. Thanks to lights installed in the caves for the eyes, they glow red at night, giving an omnious, evil flavor to the atmosphere during the dark hours.

When he was 14, SC arrived in the mouth-shaped cave on Mt. Majesty. After creating 666 and a few stronger minions, he started to carve out the interior and created the Game Over's central base.

There are two primary ways to enter Mt. Majesty: through a tunnel carved in the base of the mountain or flying in through one of the five doomship docks in the mouth-shaped cave. The base tunnel is the most heavily guarded, with Shy Guys and Crazee Dayzees guarding the entrance with LaserLights, searchlights armed with small laser turrets. Due to the way the five entrances in the mouth caved are disguised and their general difficulty to access, the doomship tunnels aren't as well guarded.

Inside the mountain, the base is devided into a bottom half and a lower half. The lower half is all hollow in one large room with several smaller rooms on the outside branching off of it and the upper half consists of several hallways with multiple rooms coming off them. This division was added after Game Over File 2 when SC reorganized the Game Over.

Below the bottom half at the end of the base tunnel is a small chamber that serves as security. There is a small circle that looks like a pair of crosshairs with a Poison Mushroom in the middle. Those that wish to enter the base must stand on this circle to be scanned by an unseen sensor in order to be allowed accessed. There is a small flight of stars that leads to the floor of the bottom half of the mountain, but they contain pin-sized pressure pads that will trigger the alarms and a series of Thwomps to block the stairs unless the computer controlling the sensor verifies the entrant. This is not the most secure system in the world; the sensor can be fooled by disguises and one can climb up the stairs without triggering the pressure pads, but this is time consuming and requires a perfect sense of balance.

The central object of the bottom half is the Mushroom Bowl. This stadium struture is the central hub of Game Over live and serves as an area where members can eat and be entertained. This is the primary area where the members are fed tasty dishes, usually made from fruit from the nearby plains, by the kitchen crew led by the head chef Keaton. In the arena, many events are staged for the entertainment of the members. The two most common events are SC's In-noying Inverviews and the Mushroom Bowl battle tournament.

A spiral stone walkway (clockwise) along the walls of the bottom half serve as the main means of ascention. There are several corridors that branch off of the walkway leading to various areas. These include member quarters, the detention center, the security office where the screens show all the security cameras see, the room holding the Interdimensional Warp Pipe the original CET-XX mainframe computer room, and the one at the very very top leading to the doomship docks. At the edge of the spiral is an elevator to the upper half.

The CET-XX is the Game Over's mainframe computer and holds all the data availabe to members. SC has taken several measures to keep trespassers out of the computer; not only is a password required, only the two keyboards and the large red central button, labeled "CREATE," have any labels whatsoever. All the members of the Game Over are given the knowledge on how to work the computer when he/she joins/is created. The CET computer features multiple screens, four smaller ones on the side and one large central screen. On the left when facing it is a large tube of a glass designed to hold in radiation connected by a pair of metal tubes. This is one of the most important features of the computer, as it is here that the computer outputs the objects SC creates or modifies, such as minions. Because of the hight amount of radiation used in the creation process, there is a pair of lights on the top of the tube to indicate whether it is safe to open (green) or not (red). There are two similar but smaller tubes on one wall that are often seen holding a strange green gelatious substance, and a wall safe is next to them.

The doomship dock is one of the busier chambers. It's very wide to accomodate space for the Game Over's five doomships. There is a long catwalk along the wall with the tunnel to the middle of the mountain that leads to a set of stairs with extracting gangplanks to board each ship. The floor is covered in the mechanical machines that operate the dock and it is not recommended for anyone to go down there. The five ships in order of dock number (1 on the far right, 5 on the far left so they're in order when viewed outside the mountain) are the ships Brainfreeze, Volcano, Starstruck, Mystic, and Solarstorm.

The upper half of Mt. Majesty consists of a chain of large hallways connected by stairways and elevators. They are decorated with large Poison Mushrooms. Branching off these hallways are several rooms, most of which are labs or storage rooms. Rooms higher up generally consist of more important labs and officer quarters. There are also three identical guest rooms near the top where guests of SC and the Game Over live.

The second-to-last floor of the upper half holds the Game Over's largest lab. The supercomputers in this room are even larger then CET-XX and the overall appearence is space age with the metal walls, floor, and ceiling. On one end is the Ztar Cannon, a large cannon with a star-shaped barrel mainly used for quick and sudden transportation. The barrel can extend and contract out of the outer surface of the mountain. This lab also serves as the first room to recieve outside communication from the Game Over satellite above the mountain due to its close location and often serves as the main station to maintain contact with troops in the field.

Taking up the entirety of the uppermost floor, except for a small antechamber for the ladder leading up, is SC's room, decorated with several indications of his position, including a king-size canopy bed. However, most of the room is rather humble, such as the matress that Panchico sleeps on and the desk with a CET terminal on it. There is also a file cabinet where SC keeps printed copies of some of his files, as well as an entertainment system with a 17" TV, DVD/VCS player, and Wii with several Wii and GameCube games. The decor is a mix of orange and lavender, SC's favorite color mixed with the color of the Game Over.

There is a chair in the middle of the bedroom supported by a post that rises and lowers; it goes through a hatch in the ceiling into the very tip of the mountain, where SC's central control is located. This command center, meant for SC's eyes alone, is covered with technology such that he can't get up from the chair. The chair rotates at SC's will so he can see the six screens around him which can display various things at one time, i. e. one screen can show input from a security camera while another has a browser open to surf the Net while a third plays a DVD. Various objects that SC uses in this center can come from slots on the wall, such as a telephone, or fold out from his chair, like a keyboard and trackpad.

And that's just about it: Mt. Majesty, in all its... well, majesty.

(last updated 2-10-2008)

Prominent Game Over Personalities


The founder and leader of the Game Over, SC was born as a human on earth and because of the nickname Yosie was teased constantly in his youth due to its similarity to the name Yoshi. When he was fourteen, he found a Warp Pipe in a side alley leading to Pilt, the land of the Super Mario games, and it was there he started his quest to conquer the multiverse and gain respect. While he started his career trying to be as evil as possible, over the next year or two, his attitude mellowed out until he was little more then what he really was: a lonely young man that longed for someone who would like him as he was. He doesn't try to take over the world quite as often anymore; instead he spends more time exploring the worlds and enjoying himself, although he remains steadfast in maintaining the Game Over. SC enjoys pizza, cheeseburgers, BRC burritos, and chocolate milkshakes along with various flavors of slushie. For some time he was a Lakitu, and then later transformed himself into a kitsune (a multi-tailed fox). His second-worst fear is death. It is said the Pokemon he is most like is Quilava, although he perfers to turn himself into an Eevee or a Sandshrew when he wants to be a Pokemon. He is known to be autistic and have a large collection of stuffed animals which he made himself.


666 the Fire Brother was the first creature to be created with SC's minion creation program. He was second-in-command until the reorganization put him as the head of the Mushroomian Division. 666 is a respectful and sensible officer with confidence and faith that the Game Over will eventually conquer the world. He doesn't travel often from Mt. Majesty, staying behind while the boss is out, making sure the mountain is still SC's when the fox returns. Recently, he has adapted the persona of a military sergeant and began carrying around a maroon riding crop. His Pokemon form is a Magby.


During the time SC was a Lakitu, Galeforce was his cloud. It wasn't always named Galeforce; it was just a regular cloud split from Lakilester's and infused with the Game Over Wand powers for some time. He can use certain G. O. Wand powers and can exist without being ridden on for at least a year as a result. Later, after nearly losing it and most of his personal belongings to a pirate, SC named the cloud Galeforce. Galeforce adopts the accent and speaking style of the title character of his favorite novel, The Great Gatsby, and often refers to others by calling them "old sport." SC kept several belongings in Galeforce, including a Duel Disk, a slushie machine, the Plothole Launcher, various stuffed toys of Kirby characters and Yu-Gi-Oh monsters (including a Kracko toy that can fire lightning from its eye) and a boom box with a mind of its own. No one knows what happened to Galeforce after SC transformed into a fox; he just seems to have completely disappeared, but SC asserts that Galeforce is still alive somewhere.


The seventh of the Mushroomian G. O. Comanndos is the only one that was created by the CET-XX program. Dicer is a Boomerang Brother that speaks with a British accent, inspired by the Beagle Boys in Disney's Three Musketeers movie (probably because SC loved the joke of a sign near the roof of a flooding dungeon that read "You must be at least this tall to survive this dungeon"). He is reliable, a fine commander, and an assertive personality, although he can sometimes make stupid mistakes. His signature attack is his multi-shot Boomerang Drive.


An orange Birdo, Panchico is one of SC's favorite creations. To be blunt, Panchico is SC's slave, calling him "Master" and hanging on his every word, doing whatever he bids her to do. While her body has been designed to look fifteen (and stay that way), she is psychologically eight to nine. Panchico's name is a misguided attempt to say "Pachinko," a popular Japanese game similar to pinball. Despite her acting like a young child, she is actually quite intelligent and has a photographic memory. Whenever SC is in trouble, she panics and runs around at random, often running down everything in her path without noticing until she calms down. When SC leaves her behind, she often curls up in a fetal position in a corner of the room and cries and mutters to herself until he returns. She is very nonviolent and doesn't like SC to get into fights because he might get hurt. For a while she spoke in third-person, but it did not last for very long. Recently, the Birdo has been known to disobey SC's commands, with results that generally work out better than SC hoped; due to this and other evidence, SC has theorized that she may actually be developing a soul, unlike what any of the others CET-XX created generic minions have. Panchico is the only member of the Game Over besides SC to not work under a definate division. Her Pokemon form is a Kecleon.


A malevolent Ztar fueled by anger and hatred, DC276 is often associated to be SC's darker side (but don't let the name fool you; he's not an actual demon). Although generally thought to be created at the end of Game Over File 2, he was acutally born during Game Over. He was the Ztar SC created with the G. O. Wand to tap into his inner darkness, although at the time he was quiet and submissive. When a bolt of lightning struck the Crystal Ztar Rod while SC was stewing in his anger, the Ztar had an "awakening" and became fused with SC's anger, causing him to believe he was the one that should conquer the world instead of SC. DC holds his often massive dark aura around him in the form of a black gaseous cloud which he can control the shape and density of at will, allowing him both possess people and to form shapes that he could manipulate as puppets with him inside. However, he can't copy anyone as perfectly as he possibly can unless he has possessed them first; the length it takes depends on the complexity of the subject. DC is mean and crancky and dislikes everyone except for those filled with a very dark aura, which he needs to feed on in order to maintain his strength and dark cloud cover. He is especially attracted to the aura of a young fox named Shard. In spite of all this, however, he surprisingly is capable of intelligence and rational thought, even though he is self-absorbed. His Pokemon form is a Spiritomb, appropriately enough.

Tamany Hall

The Divison Head and sole member of the Mystic Division, Tamany spends more time maintaining the Game Over's various means of interdimensional transport such as the plotholes and the Interdimensional Warp Pipe, which she helped SC design, than trying to do her job as a Division Head, but SC doesn't mind. Tamany's name comes from Tammany Hall, one of the most famous political machines of U. S. history, although the name is the only tie, since she is polite and caring. Whenever SC needs to go to another world, he can count on Tamany to get him through safely. When she needs to travel herself, her hammer helps her out of any sticky situation. She has excellent DJ skills. Her Pokemon form is a Sentret.

Calcutta Joe

The Dreamian Division Head, Calcutta Joe (usually referred to as simply "Calcutta") is the only Game Over operative that uses acutal lead-and-gunpowder guns. He is a black Batamon (Kirby) with a cowboy hat his size and a leather belt with holsters for his two rapid-fire semi-automatic pistols. This pistols can hold an extremely large amount of bullets, more than its small size may suggest, and Calcutta can fire at very fast speeds with utmost accuracy. His hat contains a pocket dimension that is capable of generating bullets for the gun, along with carrying several items such as a wool blanket and a towel in the event Calcutta cannot find santuary (he also has a banjo in there). He speaks in (what is supposed to be) a Western cowboy accent; his favorite expression when annoyed is "Dagnabbit!" Even though he packs a heavy load, Calcutta acts like a gentlemen to his allies and is very polite, especially to women. He gets around by driving a hovering cargo carrier (not unlike the ones in SSBB) at breakneck speeds; he feels a deep connection between the carrier and himself, and flies into a rage when someone damages it. His Pokemon form is a Cacnea.

Sparkz the Raichu

Sparkz first came as a Pikachu guest that appeared in the Mushroom Bowl's third battle, and became a Raichu in the battle following. Since then, his character has expanded. Sparkz was hatched as a Pichu in a dark cave and set out to explore the world. Eventually he came upon the town of Port Deptford, where he became friends with Elizabeth and stayed with her for a few months, during which he evolved into a Pikachu. He left Port Deptford and explored even more of the world, going on adventures and growing even stronger. He was a very tough little Pikachu when he came across Mt. Majesty and SC hired him to power up the Mushroom Bowl's electric chair. They quickly became friends and SC gave him a Thunder Stone from his collection so he could become a Raichu. Sparkz is a natural leader and often leads de facto in most group situations. As a special operative of the Game Over's Pokian Division, he doesn't belong to anyone but he is able to repel most Poke Balls. He often acts SC's right-hand man when he becomes a Pokemon. He is the number one fanboy of Amazee Dayzee (indicated by being the president of her fan club) and is especially subseptable to her feminine wiles, much to SC's utter displeasure. He has an old flame from a time long past, an Eevee named Azrael.

Trace the Kirlia

Ralts are known to run and hide from negative emotions, but when Trace was young, her first years were surrounded by them due to the violent urban slum she lived in with little place to run. Even when she escaped to the forest, the scars of her experiences remained, emotinally tramatizing her and basically making her afraid of everything, leaving her an empty shell of a wreck. It was shortly afterwards that Sparkz found her while he and some Pokian operatives were exploring Hoenn, and he brought her back to Mt. Majesty. With therepy and training, she eventually evolved and got over her extreme fears; however, she is still very timid and shy, and will often cower at the sight of someone new, although she has been known to be very friendly to people she knows, as a Kirlia should. Her moveset reflects her early fear for her security.

The Mad Hatter Chao

The MHC, as he is most often known, is a Chao with a large green top hat. He isn't known by many people, since he is SC's imaginary friend, and only SC and those capable of seeing "imaginaries" as the species is known can interact with him. MHC is laid back and surreal, referring to SC as "m'man" with a cool guy attitude, although he can be strict and serious in certain cases. He is known to spend a lot of time at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends where he host more-than-daily tea parties. He is shown to be more then simply a being conjured by SC's mind, as SC often asks him for advice, such as matters concerning girls. He has exhibited a few gangsta characteristics on occasion.

SC Doll

During the TPoA tales, SC created a robotic version of himself using the Tails Doll design as a base. Later, he was assigned as the Division Head for the Hedgehogian Division. Programmed to match his organic counterpart in every way (except not as overly ambitious), the SC Doll is just as lonely and desperate for companionship, and apparently just as looney. No one knows just how much of him is Tails Doll, which can make others nervous on occasion. Like Tamany, SC Doll usually hangs around Mt. Majesty instead of the Hedgehogian central outpost, giving SC someone real to talk to.


Named after the silent film star Buster Keaton, this Koopa is the head of the kitchen in the Mushroom Bowl. Keaton runs his kitchen with a high demand for fresh ingredients, clean utensils, and overall the best-run kitchen in the universe. He specializes in the many ways to cook fruit, since that is the most common ingredient what with Mt. Majesty surrounded by farmland and all. He speaks in a German accent, but strangely occasionally uses French words. The chefs that work under him also have silent-comedy inspired names, such as Laurel, Hardy, Chapman, Lloyd, and even his sous chef Buster. He admires the cooking skills of Gordon Ramsey.

Elizabeth Frankenstein Rabbit

Often known as "Lizzie" as started by RyanMC, Elizabeth is NOT a member of the Game Over but is a friend of SC (or as he would call it, a "familiar"). Elizabeth, named after the girlfriend-come-wife of Victor Frankenstein in Mary Shelly's book, grew up like a princess in a wealthy Victorian household and is kind, caring, and constantly in belief of the good in others. She is most known for her long winded way of speaking that mixes Elizabethan English into regular sentances. She first came into SC's life when her converible car broke down outside his trailer park and he took her in. Soon after, her car was run over by E-Man and Doopliss in the Doopmobile, making her residence permanent. She now lives Mt. Majesty. She has an older sister in college, Jessica. Her Pokemon form is a Buneary. She copes with the irregularity that is the Game Over fairly well.


Ticktick is an Imaginary like MHC that takes the form of a sky blue Pixl shaped like a wristwatch. While he says his power allows him to temporarily stop one person's passage through time much like SC's Time Halt ability, he has yet to use it. He sometimes serves as the straight man to MHC, although he can be just as nonsensical.


SC's third and final imaginary friend, this one is a large red Pixl filled with black. Larme is so heavy he can't fly very high. He can only speak in Game & Watch style buzzes and beeps; his square body can display simple images like a checkmark and a large "X" to accompany his speech to show his general feeling about something. SC can understand what Larme is saying perfectly, although nearly no one else can. Larme is known as the "referee Pixl" because he can support himself with his long tail and use his wings as arms to communicate signals.

(last updated 9-13-10)

Game Over Wand Powers

The Game Over Wand (often shortened to G. O. Wand) was created by SC in the first story to make up for his lack of physical strength, created by copying Wendy O. Koopa's wand and infusing it with powers based on the wands of the other six Koopalings. After the failure of the first attempt, a copy of Kamek's wand energies were added as well.

Formally when he was in fox form, SC would keep the wand energies in his tails. Following his break-up with Shard, he transferred them to his chest. It takes some effort to use the wand's powers from this internal source, and overusing it can result in exhaustion.

The wand currently takes on the form of a red yo-yo with a string made of the same fibers as the indestructable Cell Shades, and is called the GO-Yo. It first developed into this form when SC first took on his Kirby form, and since then SC has been profiecent at weilding it both magically and physically thanks to the mentoring of Sensai Coaltrain.

Galeforce, SC's Lakitu cloud, contains some of the G. O. Wand's energies and can use five of the spells. He has a different name for when he uses it, however.

Here is a list of the different spells the G. O. Wand uses, or at least of the ones I can remember.

Darkfire Shadow

This releases a burst of black and purple fire from the source point. The flames can come out in the form of fireballs (many sizes) or a continuing stream. This is one of SC's most often used powers. Galeforce's equivilent is Darkfire Burst; it allows him to breathe a stream of black and purple flame.

Aquaburst Cannon

Water sprouts from the source point. The water can come out in a large stream or in the form of water balls. Aquaburst Cannon can draw from moisture in the air for more power. Due to Wendy's wand being the main template for the G. O. Wand, this is one of SC's more powerful attacks, but it is used less often because it drains more power. Galeforce's equivilent is Aquaburst Downpour, allowing him to unleash a heavy rain on opponents below him.

Blackland Lightning

A powerful bolt of lighting flies from the souce point to strike the opponent. The lightning can also rain down from above when outside with storm clouds overhead, which is generally more powerful. Galeforce's equivilent is Blackland Thunder; he can charge his particles with electricity to electrocute those that touch him except his rider, as well as throw small bolts from his body.

Blackland Tornado

SC's wind attack can either cause gale-force winds to blow from the source point or create a tornado (which can reach a medium size) from the source point. The tornados can maintain their form for several moments before disappating. Galeforce's equivilent is Blackland Twister; he can use it to blow out very strong winds.

Artic Burst Blast

A focused blast of cold air from the source point chills and freezes whoever it hits. Galeforce's equivilent is Artic Burst Breeze, allowing him to breath such frigid air to the same effect.

Barrier Beam

SC's reliable shield move creates a wall of blue energy which can also take a spherical shape. The energy wall is completely indestructable and can withstand both physical and magical assult without showing weakness. However, the energy cannot move after being cast, requiring SC to lower the shield before he can move, and it is airtight so fresh air cannot phase through.

Black Luster Nightmare

Arguably SC's most unique move. From the source point, black energy flies at high speed. Whenever the energy hits a solid surface, it causes gold painted black to coat the object at the contact point and eventually spread. The biological processes of any living object coated by the gold slows to a crawl, putting the object in suspended animation. It is possible to chip away the gold, though.

Time Halt 

One of SC's earliest moves, it allows him and other people touching him to freeze their fourth-dimensional movement, stopping them in time. To those under its effects, it appears as though the world has frozen around them, and those people can move about at will as long as the spell lasts. To everyone else, though, it looks like the person teleported or moved very very fast. Ticktick claims that he is capable of performing this move, although he never has.

Luster Blader

Even though SC doesn't know the first thing about swordplay, he still has this to create a sword out of dark energy for when he needs it. For the wand, a dark blade rises from the tip of the wand, having the wand itself be the hilt. For the yo-yo, dark spikes appear on the yo-yo's edges. Finally, when the wand energies are in SC himself, a whole black sword appears in his hands. In all cases, the blade is curved like a smiteer or however it's spelled.

Luster Uppercut

SC's only melee combat move causes dark energy to surround its fist, increasing its damaging power when the punch is thrown.

Data Breaker

A white energy ball flies from the source point. Although it's generic element-less energy, when it comes into contact with something electronic, it scrambles and disables it temporarily.

Rhythm Cracker

Electrical energy surrounds the source point, normally SC's hands. Anyone that touches the energy besides himself will cause the electrical signals all over their body to scramble, disabling them. This move is extremely dangerous as it can easily put people in a coma or kill them depending on the circumstances.

Black Light Melody

A move exclusive to the wand's yo-yo form, by spinning in the air the yo-yo produces a resonant tune that attracts dark energy. The dark energy drawn to the yo-yo is trapped within until it is later expelled. This move can be used to extract dark energy from objects and purify them. A stronger version of this move is Black Light Symphony, which can attract more and stronger dark energy, but requires more power to perform. 

Omega Overdrive

SC's most powerful, leathal, and dangerous move. This pools all of SC and the wand's energy and uses it to create a nuclear-level explosion capable of destroying mountains. However, if SC were to use it, his body wouldn't be left with enough energy to live. Needless to say, he's never used it.

DC's moves

DemonComputer276 has a few moves unique to him.

  • Zhadow Meteor: DC's basic attack move allows him to create explosive Ztars and throw them at opponents.
  • Data Synchrosis: When used during a change in timelines, which DC can detect, allows him, as well as whoever he's possessing or SC if he's currently captive, to retain all knowledge and memories of the previous timeline during the new one.
  • Data Mimic: Allows DC to take on another's shape and powers.

(Last updated 3-25-10)

Other Important Locations

Here is a list and description of other important locations in the Game Over continuality besides Mt. Majesty.


NOVA2 is the Game Over's Dreamian Division outpost. It is a floating space station resembling the original NOVA on the outside except for the streaks of purple paint across the yellow surface. The arms of the pocketwatch on the outside are capable of spinning at a rapid speed in order to generate energy for a mega lazer similar to the Starstruck's MegaCannon. The interior is much different from the orignal, consisting of corridors on multiple levels and several rooms, including the room holding a brainwashing machine. The core of the NOVA2 consists of a lump of Miracle Matter and Pix, along with coins charged with the Kirby 64 Copy powers. Everything NOVA2 is made of is bulletproof so Calcutta Joe doesn't have to worry about fatally damaging any part of the station while attacking intruders. It also holds booster rockets capable of letting it travel through outer space.

The Pokian Division outpost

Although it doesn't have any real official name, the Pokian Division outpost is one of the more active establishments. As the base of the Game Over's Pokemon operations, the building has several special establishments for Pokemon-related purposes, such as a battle arena and Pokeball lab and creation machinery. The outpost was an abandoned Team Rocket base on a plateau in a Kanto mountain range near Mt. Moon, and it was left behind due to general inaccessablity; it can only be safely approached from the air. The Game Over renovated the base after Falcon found it while out flying on his Pigeot. All of the Pokian Division Commandos, as well as the Division Head, Rodney, have rooms in various locations in this structure.

Crystal Peak

A large snowy cliff overlooking an icy sea serves as a place for SC to retreat to and gather his thoughts when the home front proves too chaotic. Although apparently located very close to the north pole, SC (who dislikes the cold) actually finds the chilly breeze refreshing and that it helps him focus. The northern lights are always visible from the cliffside. The Peak is accessed most commonly by Jiggy warp picture, as there is a station in the cavern inside the mountain. Crystal Peak was relocated to the Game Over planet after the comet collision.

The Moonlit Stream / Mt. Moonview

This first stepped into G. O. continuality during the non-Flash chat days prior to Authortastic when it was introduced to SC by Jinxy (Evil B. Koopa). Since then, SC has pretty much adopted the locale as his own secret retreat. It consists of a small clearing in a pine forest containing a stream which forms a small pool suitable for wading. It is always night and the full moon always reflects upon the surface of the water. Because of its romantic air, SC regards this location as the most romantic spot in the world and refuses to disclose its location to anyone except girls he brings there for private moments; he gets extremely upset if anyone damages it. The only other member of the Game Over that knows its location is Trace the Kirlia, who read it off SC's mind. The forest holding the stream was relocated to the Game Over planet after the comet collision.

Mt. Moonview is the mountain peak on the Game Over planet that houses the Moonlit Stream. A Game Over flag marks where on the snowy cap the stream begins.

The Trailer Park

The trailer park that houses the Trailer Park of Authors webcomic. This is the only oasis in the desert for twenty-five miles and is set up along Highway 37 on the Game Over world. Although small, there's plenty of action, mostly caused by the park's crazy residents. Beneath the trailer park proper is Trailer HQ, the command center accessed by the large DDM die in SC's trailer. It is within this park's brick walls that several important G. O. events have occured, including SC meeting Elizabeth and the creation of the SC Doll. The trailer park was relocated to the Game Over planet after the comet collision.

The SCemails House

This is the house where the SCemails webcomic takes place. I'm still not sure if this place exists in continuality. It is here SC checks his email on the computer in the first room. Elizabeth and Jessica also live here, and Hyperguy lives in the basement. Also, SC keeps a secret harem of sexy female Pokemon behind a secret door, although after their premiere, they have not been mentioned. The house has no front door due to Panchico breaking it down and SC being too lazy and/or forgetful to put in a new one.

Game Over Records

This record store is actually a front for SC's operations in Parappa Town. It suddenly appeared in town overnight, although most of the residents didn't really notice. It appears a mostly square purple brick building on the outside and the first room looks like any record store, with real records custom-made by G. O. members that took their hands at mixing. Through the Employees Only door, however, one encounters a dance floor where SC practices rapping. Tamany is the local DJ that does the mixing for SC's songs. Rockets are attached to the underside of the foundation, allowing it to get away from its location quickly in case of emergencies.

The World Where the Worlds Cross

Keep walking into the distance and you'll eventually find yourself in an vast inhospitable desert as far as the eye can see. The only shelter in this desert is Oineplugmitt, a city that is a melting pot of species that serves as a multidimensional hub of activity. Its shadiest neighborhood, the Black Market, is run by the Black Scarab crime family and also where SC does his shopping for the Game Over. The currency of Oineplugmitt is the Dino; due to his reliance on the city's market, SC measures all monetary gains of the game over in this unit.

(last updated 3-25-10)