Lone 'Coon Productions

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Audio-Visual Works

Audio-visual... Translation: movies.

There are two kinds of movie here: video files (such as those posted to YouTube) and Flash files (such as those posted to sites like Newgrounds).

Movie Files

E. G. G. M. A. N. Music Video
5:04 minutes

My first video. Choppy, I know, but I've since lost the higher-quality original. Not too bad though.

Kingdom Hearts II - Not Your Enemy
3:45 minutes

My second music video, released on MegaVideo as opposed to YouTube due to problems I can't remember. Making this video was a nightmare, I recall, with all the difficulty I had, and the Japanese clips were a rather last minute addition to make up for the fact one of the video clips wouldn't cooperate. Anyways, this video is about Axel.

Flash Animation


My second released non-demo Flash animation, and the first posted on Newgrounds. The Locks of the Lock Legion act out Dilbert comic strips.

Windmills of Your Mind

The second Lock Flash. StrawberryLock sings the Muppet version of "Windmills of Your Mind." Apparently the tempo of this cover is the complete opposite of the original.

Random Pokemon Short 1

My first released sprite Flash animation, although only on DeviantArt. During the time I was playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team, I wanted to do something with the sprites, making up the plot as I went along and... apparently, people liked the results. Very dirty results. You have been warned.

Kirby the Rapper

My second released sprite Flash. It's Chop Chop Master Knuckle Joe leading and Kirby the Rapper following! Kick! Punch! It's all in the mind!