Sunaked  Beach 2020    

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Strete gate, Devon, UK.

Got back about an hour ago!  Well!   This place gets my vote for the best beach in England, for this combination of reasons -  a great beach, café, car park and decent toilets all within about 400 yards! What's not to love?

Getting there.    

                        As I type, the road to the south is closed so the only sensible way is via the A379 from Dartmouth. Now, if you imagine that road to be a fast, straight dual carriageway, you're wrong!  Its narrow, twisty with 20 mph limits at times! There, that's news.

            So, more about Strete Gate. Just follow this road through Strete -  such a small place it's barely a ham, let alone hamlet! You will later go downhill via a sharp left corner. Keep going - when you reach the sea, there's a car park on your left. A sign somewhat proudly announces "98 spaces"! Park here £1 an hour. Pay by coins or mobile 'phone. By the signpost (pictured below)  there are some steps. Go down, turn left and you are there after about 200 yards. The beach is mainly fine shingle, a few stones and various lumps of slate;  you will have passed the Lime Coffee café and toilets to the right. The cafe has the slogan "A Brew With A View" and who can argue?

           If you are a nude camper, see the Camping page! Facilities in Strete are limited - a village shop and post office! Even the pub was closed! But it's open now. For supplies, head towards Dartmouth, in Townsall Road there's Sainsbury, LIDL, Spar (with cold beer!), Subway and a petrol station. The beach is part of Slapton Sands.

A new beach for 2020!

Abotts Cliff, Folkestone, Kent. CT17 9FL.

     A decent place, all in all. Small café, toilets (have to consider these things) at the car park which is currently a maximum of £2 a day. Woo! Bargain!

     So, where is it? Take the A20 from Dover to Folkestone, it's a dual carriageway so you can't drive there otherwise. Take the slip road (signposted) to the delightfully named Samphire Hoe. Now the novelty starts! Follow the small road to the lights (it's single track) and, on Green, carry on through the narrow tunnel - go slow at the end as there's a dip, you don't want to risk grounding your car.  There's a circular car park, maximum £2 all day. OK face the sea, turn right,either walk along the sea wall or take the paths over the Hoe. Keep going until you reach the small lake, the next bay was remote enough when I went. As usual, take water etc with you, don't forget - take your rubbish home to dispose of.  Not everyone does. Grrr!  Photo album below. 

Apologies if the horizons aren't quite straight!