Sunaked  Beach 2020    

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Budleigh Salterton, Devon, UK.


If you have been to this page before, you will notice it's all changed. Somehow I deleted it. Oops. So, here we go again. As you can see, left, it's an "official" naturist area. It's about 7 miles south-east of Exeter. To the east of the town is a decent car park with good loos and a walk worth doing east. There is parking closer but it's restricted. From the car park face the sea, go right, either on the sea front or along the small cliff. The naturist area starts quite close to the Steamer Steps. The sign says "500 metres" but it's closer than that. There are facilities close by, the town centre, cute as it is, offers food etc and a small range of independent shops. Also defibrillators, which gives an idea of the population! Apologies if this is brief but it's all I can recall. I don't lift from other websites.

Normans Bay is so called because the Normans apparently landed here for a spot of raiding and pillaging. Not very sociable of them. Anyhow, the beach is situated between Cooden and Normans Bay rail stations (such as they are). Parking is limited hereabouts. The beach is shingle, clean but exposed, so a beach shelter might be a good idea. No facilities close but toilets near Normans Bay station so take all you need.

Camber Sands, Sussex.

This beach is about  15 miles east of Hastings on the South coast, just along from Rye, then required road is just off the A259, by the level crossing. The beach itself is long, with dunes at the back  overlooking Rye golf course; there are signs to make finding your location easy enough.

There is a decent sized car park but before you use it, see left for the cost (correct May 2017).

Ten pounds for three hours is disgraceful!

Facilities include; Toilets, café, bratwurst bar - so if you want Hot German Sausage, here it is; beachy-bits shop, a pub and small supermarket nearby.

After you have taken out a loan for the car park (Post code TN31 7RH), turn right, sea on your left. I sat by board B and was the only person. There was a "no nude bathing" sign at the car park years ago but that has now gone. This doesn't make the beach "official" so you must take responsibility, as ever.

Cautionary note - the current and rip-tides here are

dangerous. You may recall that five people lost their lives

 here after being cut off by rapidly advancing tide.

Burton Bradstock, Dorset. 

           Easy to get to, clean with facilities close by, it's another "thumbs up" to the  National Trust. The car park is free to members or £1 an hour up to 4 hours or £6 all day. That's OK, Camber Sands car park is £10 for three hours... Good loos and a restaurant (not cheap - fish and chips £15 -but packed when I was there  during a non-school holiday Friday so it must be good! ). The beach is also called "Hive Beach" and is mixture of sand and fine shingle backed by red cliffs. 

 As often, be aware of possible cliff falls (although quite how...?) .  If you get squished, don't blame me.

        Set your Sat Nav to "Beach Road", the car park is at the end. I turned right at the sea and walked maybe half a mile. I was the only person there apart from two passing walkers and a yappy dog. Check the tide, at high tide space might be limited. Pictures below. And very short video!     

Holkham, Norfolk, UK.

You may have heard that naturism is forbidden here but not so... it's not but only permitted below the high tide mark, not in the dunes or forest.  Best check the tide tables before you go, at high tide you're out of luck!

 Easy to find and well signposted.  There is a bus service that runs from Hunstanton to Wells, once an hour from around 07:00 to 18:00. If you have your own wheels, take the A149 and simply follow the sign, the brown signpost points to the  pay car park (2018 cost below) opposite the Victoria Inn, head to the water and turn left. There are paths through the pine forest but the beach signs are quite small, so the beach route is best at first. The tide goes out over half a mile at a guess, so beware when the tide turns. New toilets and café by the car park  at the beach  which is virtually pure sand and razor clam shells! Be aware the A149 is a slow road, at one point single track!  Life in these parts is slow....


This is a fabulous place, just a few miles north of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK on the east coast  just off the A 149. What's it like? Well, sand dunes stretch for miles. At nesting times though, large areas are cordoned off so maybe a better venue in late summer. On a hot day you could imagine you are in Morocco! (No camels seen). At the end of Beach Road is a car park  £1,50 an hour, £5 for 4 hours or more, toilets and a café which is more of a restaurant! The postcode is NR29 4AJ (Sample menu below). You can have your food overlooking the beach. How great is that? From the café, walk to the beach and turn left and keep going until you feel secluded enough but as said, don't encroach into the nesting areas. If lucky, the seals might make an appearance. They didn't come ashore when I went. If they do, I would keep a safe distance, they look rather large!

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2020  An intrepid explorer has sent me this update and I quote (ish);

     The beach from Scratby to sea palling has suffered badly with coastal erosion and the café at Winterton car park is teetering on the edge of being claimed by the Gods.

     For naturists, still a good place to go but not as peaceful as it used to be with the hordes walking up to Horsey gap to get a sight of the ever-growing seal colony. For sunbathing and a quick swim, walk north for about 3/4 mile to the rock armour groynes

which are marked with red conical giving a reference point. (This may mark nesting grounds).

     There are strong undercurrents at some points so swim with caution. Generally, a good walk and place to chill.