Sunaked  Beach 2020    

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Studland Summer Camp!

Firstly, due to COVID, this site is CLOSED for 2020.

Pictured above, the little sign below. How to get there - the easiest  way is follow the A351 from Swanage to Corfe Castle.  0.5 miles after the Harman's Cross sign, turn right into Tabbit's Hill Lane, immediately after the petrol station. At the end, turn right (it's a typical country Dorset lane!). After 0.35 miles you will see a white SSC sign on your right. It's not the biggest. The entrance has a metal barred gate and is  opposite on your left.

 So, what do you get for your £15 a night? 

Two toilets, two showers, hand basins and a  recycling bin area. That's it! Take your own lighting (I like that idea, great for star-gazing!).  The site is on a slight incline and is rough grass. One odd rule; when the site is well-occupied, us tenters  can't park next to our tent.  Worth knowing if you use your car battery for lights.  No electric hook-up or fridge available but the local petrol station sells bags of ice for £2.49 - maybe the Co-op and Budgen supermarket  - recently upgraded and now quite swish - in Swanage are cheaper, but that's a guess,  I  didn't  look. BBQ's are  allowed  off-ground  but  no  camp  fires.   So,  take   everything  you  might  need. As an aside, if you like cider, try draught Ashton Press or bottled Middle Piddle. Delicious!

Isn't that what camping is all about?   


 Manor Farm, Strete, Devon, UK. 

They don't update the website often, so I can't say if it's open in 2020 due to COVID.

This is a mixed site, about 1/3 is naturist. The only facility on the naturist part is water! The site has a fully equipped kitchen and laundry room. you will need £1 coins! From the tiny village of Strete on the A379, take Totnes Road opposite the  village shop and post office. The site is on your right. 

Here's a link, the pricing is complicated!


St. Anne's Cottage, Three Legged Cross, Dorset.

is sadly due to close September 2018. The site is sold, but I don't know what will become of it.

The Studland Summer Camp sign, below .Told you it was small.