Sunaked  Beach 2020    

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Son Bou,Menorca (South coast)

    My trip due in May 2020 has been cancelled due to Covid19. Ah well, at least I'm fit and healthy. Anyway, back to the purpose of the site.

    This beach, for me, is one of the best.  I went mid October 2019 and the weather was simply perfect although the island was beginning to close down for winter. Maybe end September would be better in that respect. We live and learn!

     Easy to find and get to, it's fine golden sand for 3 km, and azure water. A tad windy when I went so the sea was a bit rough, red flags (No Swimming!).

How to get there

     I flew from Southend (near London) to Mahon (east on the island). 

     Taxi to Mahon town was €18 but only €2.65 on the number 32 bus. 

     From Mahon bus station, take the Son Bou bus (number 32, fare €2.65) or from Ciutadella (west on the island) take the 36 bus. It will stop by the two big white hotels, outside the Kit Cat Bar, the return stop is immediately outside; timetables in the bus stop or ask Kelly in the bar!

     From this bus stop, walk towards the hotels and turn right look for the PLATJA sign (hotels on left). There are boardwalks through the dunes (watch out for the chickens!). Turn right (sea on left) and walk about a mile, past "TORRE 3" the coastguard lookout post. That seems to be the protocol. Although beach nudity is legal in Spain, best to stick to established nude beaches.

     Plenty of bars, restaurants, supermarkets and shops on the main strip to the beach; some might see this as a tad down-market. However The beach is 99% fine sand with a few rocks scattered, pictures below. It looks possible to walk further west to more beaches. Sadly I can't tell you more.

     Just one point, I thought eating out in Menorca was quite expensive (maybe I'm just mean!) so self catering might be worth considering (€12 to €15 for paella!). Mind you, found a great Indian restaurant in Mahon!!

       I also looked at Playa Punta Prima on the south east corner of Menorca but it didn't look worth the bother. Rocky but maybe I was in the wrong part. Had a decent spag' bol' for lunch so it wasn't all bad!  (Sunaked notices references to food).