Sunaked  Beach 2020    

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Argeles-sur-mer one of two beaches I have been to. It's on the Med', about as far west as you can get before reaching Spain. The Pyrenees are close by. It's a fair walk away from the main town but the beach is sandy. No facilities (as ever) but a nice place to tan. It's a small town, worth a visit in my view. Two pic's of the town here...



How I got there - flew to Perpignan, taxi to rail station, train to Argeles and walked from there to the hotel on the town beach. As ever, research your route - the trains are not that frequent! Face the sea, turn left and walk along either the road or the sandy beach until sufficiently remote - by the nature reserve seemed OK to me. You will see the Pyrenees to the west. Beach below.

Wissant, near Calais

Ah. I have been there but it was a dull rainy day and so I didn't get any pictures. It's west of Calais, near Sangatte - so keep the car doors locked! I'll go again soon...honest...Just follow the coast road the D940 for 20km (13 miles or so). Free parking by the beach shop, turn right (sea on the left).


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